Oh man this morning was a doozy. I really need to start waking up before the kids do; just for the sake of getting coffee running through my veins, fold a load of laundry, answer emails, or just be. But, sleep wins out every time I even think about doing that. One day, maybe I’ll get back to reading and commenting on other blogs. I’ll work on it. Swear. Anyway. I thought my morning was rotten, until I got a text message from my husband…

photo 1

Why? Because he’s crazy. The morning somehow morphed into afternoon, both kids napped at the same time [!!!!!!] and I tornadoed my way through the house, doing laundry, dishes, and before I knew it the kids woke up. I needed a run today, and was pretty pumped about a scheduled track night. Icing on the cake, I even went alone because husband came home relatively early. I did a half mile warm up, 5 x 400, then a cool down, for a 7:34 pace average for 2 miles. I will take it, considering I haven’t stepped on a track in weeks. I also need to find some hills and start taking those seriously because the route is HILLY, and the routes I run here at home are flat. Very flat. Think land that can accommodate airfields.

photo 2

The track was cold. Rainy. WINDY. And I had food waiting for me at home, in the form of blueberry pancakes. In honor of National Pancake Day, of course. I was never a huge fan of pancakes, until I found Manini’s Flour. And then found their pan’cake’ recipe, where you basically brown the pancake on the stovetop, then throw them in the oven for 10 minutes. If you know anything about gluten free baking, it’s that typically cookies/cakes/anything comes out flat and resembles cardboard. This flour is downright amazing, and everything I have made [ahem, cookies] has come out fluffy and delicious. I promise this isn’t product placement! I just seriously love this flour.

photo 3 Forgot to mention it’s also National [International?] Nutella Day. I didn’t even fact check that, if someone gives me the option of celebrating Nutella, I’m doing it.

So yeah, all in all, not a bad day. On to tomorrow.


One thought on “Track.

  1. Chechi says:

    Busy Bee!!!! I gues I found a new nickname for you! – – – I’m so happy that you “find” time… really you MAKE time to run! … You’re just reminding me NOT to give up! Thanks!

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