I don’t know how those with kids blog on a daily basis!!! I’m sacrificing studying time to do this, mainly because I left my books in the car and the Husband and Daughter are currently out running errands. Whoops. 

Like any other mom, I desperately need clones. One doing housework. The other doing Family Readiness Group (FRG) stuff that I’m in charge of for my husband’s battery. Another doing the whole school work thing, and of course a clone for the mom thing so that I don’t have to drop what I’m doing for the umpteenth time to fasten a dolly’s shoe. Oh, and a clone for freelancing. … I feel like I’m forgetting something. Maybe I’m not meant for clones, I’m already losing track of them! Would it be too much to ask to get a clone for organizing my house?

I’m not going to lie. There are times where I feel like I am in way, way, way over my head. It’s typically when things come together in a perfect storm; I have deadlines to meet with articles, Son has a stinky diaper again, and just as he’s wailing about that, I look over to see my Daughter scribbling all over school notes with marker – of course, as my phone is ringing, laundry is piling up and dinner is thisclose to being a lost cause. But, I keep on truckin’. So long as the house is standing, babies are fed, and Husbands are happy – well then that’s just fine with me.

Running is suffering. I don’t always meet the mid week runs. Forget any kind of strength training, although that reminds me, I need to get out the dumbbells… and my poor little yoga mat. I really do need to start getting the little 4/5 milers in during the week though, not only would it benefit me as a runner, but stepping out for 50 minutes would benefit the kids and I. They could nap or get fresh air, while mommy gets a break from the day to day.

Ok guys. My time here is up. I need to make food for the clan, get Daughter ready for Sunday school, and prep for tomorrow. Oh, and I think there’s some football game on later that I’m going to try and watch as well.

PS – I came up with a name for the double stroller. The Marauder.


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