What a stressful couple of days here at our house.
Kid #1 is sick. Super, super sick. In fact, she is coughing so bad she threw up on Saturday. Not fun. She’s slowly but surely coming around, but still gets coughing fits. Yesterday she had a movie day and was super lethargic, whereas today I’m kind of forcing her to play… Probably not the best move but the kid needs to get off the couch!


Kid #2 is sick as well, but only stuffy. Which, in theory, isn’t an issue, but he is still nursing. Poor little guy gets super frustrated because eating is a challenge for him. That doesn’t affect his energy level in the least – he is crawling, climbing, terrorizing and trying to walk, babbling and ‘singing’ his way throughout the house.


Last week my family came to visit, which was a blast. My little brother and our parents were here, and it was the fastest, yet BEST 6 days of my life. I would give anything to have them back here again!! I know for sure the kids were spoiled beyond capacity Winking smile 

Running is going relatively well, and of course I am my biggest enemy. My biggest vice right now is that I’m being a brat and I don’t want to run with the double stroller… So I wait until my husband gets off of work – which is a bad move because by then I have the time to make up excuses, “Its dark/cold/raining”, “I’ve had a long day and don’t feel like it”, etc.

The only long run I have botched up on is the 10 miler this past weekend. Just as I was heading out, my daughter threw up, and I felt a bit guilty leaving my husband at home with a puking kid and cranky baby. I initially set out to do 10, but I was distracted by trails [surprise, surprise…] and once I was on them I zoned out and got lost. Whoops. Around mile 4ish, I lost my footing and trudged through a HUGE puddle – all the while the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping. We’ve also had coyote sightings and I wasn’t sure if the bears were still hibernating (??) so I totally freaked myself out and decided to try and take a shortcut home. No bueno. That’s when I got lost, but I finally found a road-ish looking exit and found my way home. I ended up with 6ish miles, but the character building is definitely a factor here. Had I not stepped in the puddle I would have done 10, but by the time I turned onto the main road, I couldn’t feel my toes, and my motivation was shot so I booked it back to the house. Though the schedule calls for 6 this weekend, I’m going to attempt the 10 miler again, because I can’t stand not having done it… Luckily I am training with an amazing group, and accountability is key. We run at all kinds of paces, but knowing that we’re rooting each other on helps quite a bit.

Life is also taking an interesting turn in that I’m now FRG leader for my husband’s battery. FRG stands for Family Readiness Group, and my ‘job’ is technically to look out for the families of the soldiers. This group comes in handy when the guys are deployed, and since we’re here at home it’s a bit less stressful, but this is also my first go at this position, so I have no idea what I’m doing. I also started freelancing again, and you would *think* that working at home would mean I get to work whenever and however much I want – NOT the case!!

Anyway, there is a baby wailing upstairs because I didn’t go to him immediately so I must bid you adieu. I promise to post more. As much as running is my therapy and safe haven, writing is as well, and I hate that I keep neglecting it.


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