Everything But Running

Sad, but true.

All of last week Husband has had to prep for some event, and was at work from the wee hours of the morning until well after the kids’ bedtimes. This translates into zero running for mom, except for a couple of treadmill dates. Which , of course, don’t last long – but it IS better than nothing so I’ll take it. I actually don’t mind the treadmill all that much, but I’m so paranoid about injuring myself like I did in Oklahoma. I spent all winter on one [zero incline… dumb], then immediately went out and did a hilly 8 miler, with the running stroller, the first chance I got. Yeah. Bad news.

This week has been much better, but we’re only down to one car. Though we finally got rid of my husband’s pesky troublemaker, we will be on the look out this weekend for a replacement. I’m hoping something turns up, for his sake. His heart is set on a certain car, we just need to find the right price.

In other news, guess what I have!!!



Yeah buddy. Happy momma. I have yet to use it, but I’m excited by the fact that its even here. For the time being, I’ll be walking with the kids until Spud gets big enough to run with.

This weekend will be quite packed; run group Saturday, car hunting, social gatherings and more car hunting. It will fly by but it will be fun. And hopefully I can squeeze in some solo miles. Maybe my legs won’t forget what running is…

Everything But Running

One thought on “Everything But Running

  1. So fun! You will love the double – it gives you such freedom, and after a few months pushing that thing I had major pr’s! I started running with my youngest in it at 3 months with the car seat attachment, which might be an option for you.

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