MELTING and a Virtual Race

This is how I feel in my home. just click it. Someone won’t let me embed. *snark*

I won’t go into details because I really don’t deserve to whine.

We all know I’m a huge supporter of the military, our Fallen, and of course the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Blogging buddies Suz and Allan are putting on a virtual race to benefit WWP, going on until tomorrow night – way to go, Natalie, waiting until the last minute to do this… *sigh*

Though I was a drippy, sweaty mess from the moment I stepped onto the treadmill, I felt like I was dragging butt. I managed to run three before I gave up, feeling huge guilt. I was supposed to do this for a cause. Just this morning a helicopter went down in Afghanistan. Just a few days ago, Marines were killed. Complain about 80 degree temps? Yeah, no thanks.

Anyway, here’s my proof. Although I didn’t make a bib, I did have my WWP shirt to stare at. Smile My race report basically consists of “Its hot, don’t be a pansy. The baby keeps waking up. The dog knocked over a box fan, waking the toddler up. Your brothers were in 110+ degree temps, quit being a whiny wimp. Baby kicks blanket off. Back on the treadmill. Baby wakes up again. 3 miles? DONE.”


I’d love to stay and chat but someone is hollerin’.

Please pray and think of our military today. And their families. And definitely for their safety.

MELTING and a Virtual Race