11 More Things!

The lovely Mrs EMZ tagged me just yesterday. IfeelSoDirty.

While I’ve done this before, I’m happy to oblige because I think this is fun and it also gets me out of refilling my daughter’s cup of milk for the umpteenth time this morning.

the way it works :: EMZ asks me to divulge 11 things about myself, then asks me 11 questions. In turn, I have to tag and ask others 11 questions. But, like last time, I’m not going to tag anyone because everyone I know has already done this… and I’m lazy. Ok, mainly I’m lazy. How about we meet in the [kind of] middle and I’ll ask the general population 5 questions?

My 11 thaaaangs

1 :: I love coffee. While I gave it up while pregnant, I’m back to drinking some. Though I’m still breastfeeding, I keep it less than a 1/2 cup but it makes all the world of difference. Might be a placebo affect but I don’t care.

2 :: If I never watch Dora it will be too soon.

3 :: I was the pink power ranger for 4th grade Halloween. Amy Jo Johnson had nothing on me.

4 :: Cannot. Stand. Crossing. Bridges. I have this irrational fear that if I’m caught on a bridge its going to collapse. Same thing with parking garages. UGH, I am mentally cringing just thinking about all this.

5 :: I love cold leftovers. Namely pizza and chinese food.

6 :: My poor treadmill has seen zero miles in the past couple of weeks. I even moved it into the living room so I could watch the Olympics and run during the kid’s naptimes but I have yet to do that.

7 :: When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist. Now I would like to pursue something alone the nutrition/exercise science line of things, but a small part of me still wants to do marine biology.

8 :: Lemon blueberry cupcakes are currently my favorite.

9 :: I also like bubble tea. Ironically, there is a cupcake shop RIGHT NEXT to the bubble tea shop which are both RIGHT NEXT to my running store. Not ‘my’ running store, the one I go to all the time. It’s a pretty happening street.

10 :: I was a tomboy growing up so this whole pink princess thing throws me off completely.

EMZ’s Questions for Me

1.  Favorite social media? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. :: Twitter. Definitely Twitter. I have too much to say for Facebook, plus the people are more runners than not so they get me.
2.  Favorite post workout meal? Anything, but nothing too close to workout time. Immediately after my stomach won’t really cooperate, but after awhile I like avocado’s filled with cheese…
3.  Clean the house or do yard work? HOUSE CLEANING. I hate hate hate hate yard work. Seriously, if I could just have rocks I would be ok with that.
4.  Favorite gift you’ve ever received? My brother’s belongings, namely his necklace.
5.  Do you look most like your mom or dad? My dad. With my mom’s hair.
6.  If you could go any where in the world – where would you go? To the bathroom, alone. Ha!! Vacation wise I would go back to Peru or somewhere super tropical and amazing.
7.  Workout alone or with a group? Alone. I don’t really like group settings because I’m antisocial like that Smile
8.  Favorite song at the moment? Anything not on the Disney channel.
9.  Three qualities of your best friend. Honesty, loyalty and a great inner GPS.
10.  Favorite Olympic event? All of them! Except platform diving. That makes my stomach turn with nerves.
11.  Why did you start blogging? I was in the military and wanted to keep my family in the loop with updates. I love blogging because it keeps me accounted, it connects me with like minded individuals, and it comes easy to me since I’ve always liked keeping a journal.

My Questions to You

1. Cupcakes or Crepes?

2. Long run or Speed work?

3. Zoo or Aquarium?

4. Flowers or Ferns?

5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

11 More Things!

5 thoughts on “11 More Things!

  1. Yay! Thank you for playing!!!!
    I love the cold leftovers thing!! That’s soooooo me. My family finds it disgusting but….seriously vs THEIR disgusting…….ya, I’m good.

    You. Rock. My. Friend.

  2. running on faith says:

    I have a treadmill too but can never motivate myself to run during nap time. I just crash once the kids nap and have to run in the morning! But yeah, I lovey coffee and limiting while I am nursing is so tough!

  3. 1. Cupcakes
    2. Speedwork
    3. Zoo
    4. Flowers
    5. I would try to be in a great mood every day when my husband gets home. I wake up in an awesome mood, which steadily declines throughout the day. I get so tired, especially on a particularly tough toddler day and no nap, that I can be a little moody when 7pm rolls around!

    I loved your 11 thaaaangs, but you only did 10, right? I felt connected to so many of them! Mmmmm bubble tea, cupcakes and coffee!

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