I Suck at Parenting.

workout :: .5 mile warm up, 4 x 100’s [1:39/1:42/1:43/1:39] no cool down.

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

Let me explain the workout. Yesterday a friend of mine asked if I wanted to meet her at the track this morning. SCARY. Why? I haven’t stepped on a track for over a year, so as not to overheat while pregnant. Though its been awhile, but I was secretly looking forward to it and thought about it all night. Since our daughters are the same age, I packed a bag full of toys they could keep themselves busy with while we ran our repeats. Which, by the way, I would be doing while pushing the running stroller occupied by Spud. While I know he’s only 12 weeks, this surface was flat and failsafe, but to be extra careful I padded him with blankets. Not that he cared, since he slept the whole time. In fact, he would fuss and wake up if I stopped – go figure.

Anyway, the best laid plans often go awry right? While my friend’s daughter was content with playing and running around like an angel, MY CHILD did nothing but cry and scream the whole time; pitching a fit because her toys were being played with, or because mommy was so far away. While I tried to mentally block this out and run repeats, I just couldn’t. Parenting wise, the past few days have been so defeating. Defiant and stubborn, K is definitely testing the waters to see how far she can go. I know this is normal and a part of parenting, but it is wearing me way down. I find myself snapping at her almost the second she starts up with her dramatics and I hate it. I just need to reset, and I’m hoping I can go back out for an easy three or four later tonight.

Getting back on the track was a bit intimidating. I was running with a speedster of a buddy, but in all honesty I’m delighted with my times. I could feel myself totally petering out, not pacing correctly and tightening up but I think with time it will all come back to me. By the end of the session I was beat and ready to hurl, which means I did them right. Just have to have patience.

Which, clearly, I have none of. *sigh*

What tests your patience?

Do you like speed work?

I Suck at Parenting.

6 thoughts on “I Suck at Parenting.

  1. Kudos to you for trying a track workout with not one but TWO kids. Earlier this summer, I tried taking my middle kiddo (almost 6 at the time) to the track so I could do a few repeats–my oldest was at a day camp and my youngest was in preschool. I tried to make it fun for him. He rode his bike there alongside me. I had him be my water boy. I let him climb a tree while we were there. Um yeah. He did nothing but WHINE the entire time and so I had to cut it short. So lesson learned for me… I just can’t do quality workouts with my kids. Maybe you can find a sitter for your daughter next time? We have drop in hourly childcare here that has been a total life saver for me at times!

  2. My kids always test my patience. I try to tune things out but that doesn’t always work:) great job on your track workout! I really need to get back on my speed work, I love it!

  3. Laura says:

    Your daughter sounds just like mine these days… she is as fun as can be some moments, and then can be extremely defiant and stubborn like yours. It wears me down as well. Let’s hope it’s a short phase!

  4. I’m so glad I found your blog – we seem to be in really similar situations. Glad you were able to get back on the track, it’s nice to push yourself physically when you feel like all you do is nurse, change diapers and deal with whiny toddlers all day. They will grow up and thank-you for giving them a healthy role model (at least that’s what I like to tell myself when my 2-yr old is screaming during one of our stroller runs). And I took my now 5 month old out on stroller runs starting at 3 months in the car seat adapter and he’s still kicking. 🙂

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