I Have Issues and Feliz 28!!!

I’ll finally go running later today. I haven’t felt a twinge in my Achilles in a few days, but work and kiddos have made it a little harder to get out. Like when we added Spud to the family, I will have to find a new balance. I have seriously thought about bringing the treadmill into the living room so that I can watch the Olympics and run during the kids’ nap times. We’ll see – that might be where my husband draws the line, ha! {ihaveissues}

In other news – we enrolled K into pre-preschool yesterday. Aside from her birth, I have never felt such a mix of emotion; I about broke down in the middle of the school. I am afraid of letting go. That sounds so dumb, right? The teachers are more than qualified, the ratio of children is perfect, and I couldn’t ask for a better curriculum yet I’m having a hard time just wrapping my head around this. For the past 1,042 days I have spent almost every waking moment with her; kissing ‘owies’, cuddling on the couch, going on a run, etc. yet in less than six weeks I’ll be dropping her off for yet another milestone. Yes, this is be being dramatic again and I NEVER thought I would be like this, but dang, that’s my baby! {ihaveissues} It helps matters and solidifies our thinking that this is the right thing to do in that she is SUPER excited to go. At the Open House yesterday she played with toys, asked teachers questions, and met every new experience with excitement. Her attitude towards this is definitely helping me ‘cope’ with the decision to take her, as it will be a win/win for everyone. PLUS, I’ll be able to have one on one time with Spud! There’s a park right down the road, a library nearby, and numerous other things we can get into while big sister is at school.

Anyway, after touring the school we went to a cupcake store – and they were sold out. Total bummer because I was really in the mood for one. Hopes deflated we went on to the Farmer’s Market where I got about $20 worth of berries. Half of the blackberries didn’t even make it home, and I only have about a handful left of blueberries. {ihaveissues} We got home, put the kids to bed and started to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. Which, in my opinion, sucked. It was like they knew it wasn’t going to live up to the Beijing standards so they just gave up. Oh well.

Lastly :: Some of you might know that my mom is from Peru. Every 28th of July they celebrate their independence, but I *obviously* can’t make it down there, so I try and celebrate my own way however I can. Luckily, my parents just got back from there, and in doing so, sent me a huge ol’ AMAZING box of Peruvian goodies. I plan on overdosing on Peruvian candy asap. Smile {ihaveissues}

I Have Issues and Feliz 28!!!

One thought on “I Have Issues and Feliz 28!!!

  1. Hope you were able to get in a pain free run! I can only imagine the emotions associated with a child going off to school. Props to you for not breaking down in the school!

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