Yep, I’m nuts.

Well hello there readers! And by readers I mean my mom. Smile Oh, and my random reader from India.

Life has been a bit bananas lately – as if I wasn’t crazy enough, I decided it was time to jump back into the freelancing world. The paper I was writing fore before I had W graciously gave me me more articles – and get this – one was even about running (!!!). Love it.

Schedules here are finally in a somewhat predictable timeframe. Naps, feedings, etc. are all falling into place and K is talking about school for some reason. I’m choosing to ignore that, since she is three in September and if I have to wrap my mind about the fact that she will go to preschool I will probably burst into tears. I am so not ready for that.

In running I have taken a slight hiatus. After my run last week, I had horrible left hip pain that affected the way I walked for days. That has since gone away, but I have twinges in my right Achilles now that make my calf cramp up. I just can’t win. Today is the first day that I’m not feeling some kind of discomfort in my legs, so I think I might ease back into it either tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see.

Someone’s crying.

Until next time!

Yep, I’m nuts.

3 thoughts on “Yep, I’m nuts.

  1. Ah! Congrats on the writing gig, Would love to read the articles, send along a link. I’ve been telling Nate and Abi all summer that they start “school” in September, they will be 2.5 so off to preschool(and daycare) they go. I’m going to college in january(eek! Excited!) so I need to get them settled into routine before it gets real busy.

  2. I swear I read! For whatever reason, I have a hard time leaving comments on your blog unless I log in with Facebook. So annoying!

    Anyway, congrats on your new baby, new writing gig and hope your body starts feeling more like running. I swear, it took me 9 months to just “recover” fully last time. Take care!

  3. I always just but don’t always comment. Since I don’t have kids I always hate to leave a comment when the post is about parenting.

    That’s great that you got to do an article about running! I’m sure you really enjoyed writing that.

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