workouts :: some mileage, decent paces, but I’m too lazy to get up and get my running journal and give details

Finally. Friday.

You guys, it’s nearly a miracle that I made it. These past couple of days have been a doozy for sure. For some reason unbeknownst to me, the kids have plotted against me – lots of whining, crying and arguing. Not my finest parenting moments, I’ll admit.

The run today was horrid. I was hoping that some alone time away from the house and pounding the pavement would do me some good, but I was fooled. During the run, I had zero intention of stopping. Until, of course, the round about had maybe 20 cars going through it exactly when I stepped up to the crosswalk. I focused on the nice little break and went back to my music, The Offspring – circa 1998. Yes I still have the CD. Anyway, more stopping for traffic, another stop for reveille, another stop for traffic. I was so over it, but what can ya do – play chicken with automobiles? No thanks.

I get home, and things ache. Hips. Knees. What?

Time to polish off my Ben & Jerry’s and start new tomorrow. It will be chock full of action and I’m excited – froyo, BBQ at Husband’s work, a dinner with friends, and maybe some cross training if I’m lucky.

PS – msfitrunner is having a give away. I’m not telling you what because I want it for myself. So neener.


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