I Live in a Wind Tunnel

workout :: 4.55 miles [9:10 pace]

We currently have four fans going at my humble abode. Since the house doesn’t have air conditioning we’re “forced” to “deal” with the “heat”. Granted, its 71 outside right now, but the problem is the sun. It literally reaches 81 inside the house sometimes, and that is a huge no-go considering I have little people in the house. We try and do our best in regards to cooling the place off, but really by the end of the day there’s minimal clothing on everyone involved. We don’t have a/c because in all honesty we have something that slightly resembles summer for *maybe* three months out of the year. And even then, it’s very, very mild weather. We still hit the mid-low 50s at night, and we don’t get to the higher temps until about 4 pm. Please don’t think this is a complaint by any means. Smile

Went on a nice little 4 miler this afternoon. I definitely didn’t have enough water and had to stop at a gym for a small break, but other than that I did the entire thing without stopping. Sure, I slowed down in parts, but with the exception of the water stop I ran through the hills and heat. And it was amazing. I planned on doing a workout or two upon returning home, but the second I walked through the door I was met with a hungry, crying baby [apparently ‘topping him off’ wasn’t enough] and by the time I was done with him I was starving and opted for a late lunch instead. There’s still daylight to burn, I might workout later.

I’m on day THREE of not having an avocado and I think I might be dying. Typically throughout the course of the day I’ll have one – on my salad, in a sandwich, or just plain. Sometimes I’ll even share with my daughter, but that’s only if there’s people around and I have to be nice. I’m also out of my honey mustard vinaigrette, AND cinnamon Chex. We’re reaching all kinds of emergencies here.

Ok people. I have nothing else worth writing about. If you get a chance, check out this article in the Washington Post about my friend and Wear Blue founder, Lisa Hallett.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Portland for the zoo and more family fun. And I might talk my husband into going to Bob’s Red Mill. Hopefully. If not we better stop for avocados on the way home.

Is there something you eat every day?

Or a food you cannot live without?

Ever been to the Portland zoo?

I Live in a Wind Tunnel

2 thoughts on “I Live in a Wind Tunnel

  1. Great job on your run! We are using fans too now. No AC for us, but neighbors on both sides have it. Argh! I have been to the Portland zoo but its been many years. Have a great time:)

  2. runnergirl4jc says:

    I wish I’ve been to Portland. I’d love to go cause if the healthy, active lifestyle many have and all the cool paces to eat that are healthy. A food I eat everyday us crunchy peanut butter. I cannot go a day without it!!

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