Dolls, Elephants and Baby Jesus

wednesday workout :: 3 mile run. nothing special.

thursday workout :: Nike Training Club workout :: Core Crunch [15′]

friday workout :: I have yet to do my 4.2 mile run.


I’ll never understand toddlers.

We spent the 4th with family; Husband’s brother came up from Portland with his girlfriend – wahoo!! For brunch we all piled up in the car and met up with my sister in law and her family at IHOP. As if we weren’t full enough, we then went for frozen yogurt [mine was cheesecake, raspberry, almonds and graham cracker crust. the secret is filling your bowl at the bottom to ensure all around deliciousness]. Coming back home, we fired up the grill a few hours later and made a decent amount of food. While everyone was in the kitchen I snuck off for a 3 mile run. When you volunteer to make a quinoa salad you can afford to do that, since it takes all of about two seconds to do Winking smile [by the way; chilled quinoa, lime juice, mango, blueberries, green onion. you’re welcome!]


Afterwards, we went to a neighbor’s house and sat by the firepit watching the fireworks. I love sitting by the fire and just hanging out with the ‘usual suspects’ – they feel like family to me, and I’ll never forget the first group of people that made my first Army post ‘home’. *warm fuzzies*

I definitely didn’t meet my goal for week 1 of this month in regards to the cross training I wanted to do here at home. Granted, there’s still today and tomorrow, but I don’t foresee doing 3 hours and 45 minutes worth of work in two days. But, crazier things have happened. I really want to try BodyRock workouts, I just need to pick one that doesn’t look too intimidating. A HUGE thank you to Tracie, who recommended that. You should check out her blog; she’s vowed to do a running related post every day for a year as a promise to herself to learn more about the sport. Topics so far have covered Olympic hopefuls, running form, and nutrition. Definitely go over there if you can, I take something away from every post Smile.

Yesterday I was exhausted and could only manage a quick ab workout. Dieter helped.


Once the husband gets home from work I’ll be doing Jon’s run. I’ll post more on that later. Smile It seems so surreal to me that its his birthday… At least it’s a gorgeous day that I will soak up every second of. Looks like Sunday will be a scorcher.


Do you find it difficult to cross train?

Is the temperature out of control where you are?

Are you racing this weekend?

Dolls, Elephants and Baby Jesus

One thought on “Dolls, Elephants and Baby Jesus

  1. My cross training comes in the form of weights & core that my coach has given me to do. I used to loathe it. I would find as many excuses as I could to get out of doing it. As I do it more though, I find I enjoy it more. It mixes things up a little.

    It’s insanely hot in Utah. It’s in the upper 90s and low 100s. We even had 45% humidity today too. Ugh. I like fall & spring. Not too hot, not too cold.

    Last but not least, I am racing this weekend. I’m doing the Utah Tour de Donut. It’s such a fun race. Do you have any races coming up?

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