Running, Mud, Alligators, Flowers, Etc.

Yet another successful night of getting my priorities straight. So I celebrated with ice cream. Not kidding. Except instead of a whole frickin’ pint I settled for a chocolate covered something on a stick.

Anyway, the day was filled with library going, house arranging and kiddo distracting. I whipped dinner up and decided to go for a really quick two miler. I was back before the rice cooker was even done doing its thing. This time instead of going the boring neighborhood route I opted for a trail run along the lake. Bad move, considering I was wearing NEW shoes and it had rained all night and part of the day. Awesome. Oh well, I guess I wouldn’t be able to keep them clean forever.

My run went pretty well, but it was also just two miles… The trail did do things to me though, for some reason I was super paranoid tonight and everything was jumping out at me. Logs in the lake looked like alligators, animals in the bushes made me jump out of my skin and I was looking over my shoulder the entire time. It was weird, but I think its because I haven’t run the trail in a few months and the sounds weren’t the normal car going by. Apparently when I run I smack the insides of my legs with the heel of the opposite foot – oh yeah, I’m that ‘special’. K was super grossed out by the ‘yucky’ mud and insisted on cleaning it.


Speaking of K, whenever I go for a run without her, I always bring her a souvenir. Typically it’s a flower, since those are easy to snag. In the past it has been a pinecone, or even a dollar [which went straight to her piggy bank]. She has picked up on this game, because before I was even in her line of sight upon returning home she shouted, “MOMMY IS BACK WITH MY FLOWER!!!!!” and she instructed me to immediately put it in water. Who is this kid!?


Tomorrow we have a packed day, we are meeting with family for brunch after my husband and his brother run a 4th of July race. Afterwards we’re attending a Freedom Fest put on my post followed by a cookout. We *might* even borrow my neighbor’s fire pit and make some s’mores.

One last thing – last year on my brother’s birthday I ran the equivalent of 41 laps around a track in honor of what would have been his 41st birthday. This year I expressed that I might take to the bike for 42 laps but in all honestly my heart would not be there. I don’t cycle, I don’t consider myself a cyclist by any means, so instead of doing 10+ miles on a bike I’ve decided to do 4.2 miles around the neighborhood. Not keeping with tradition, but either way I’m glad I came to this decision instead of lugging through on the bike.

And, since no post would be complete without some Spud photos, here they be.


How are you spending your 4th?

Have you ever spent Independence Day on a military instillation?

Are you a fireworks person?

Running, Mud, Alligators, Flowers, Etc.

One thought on “Running, Mud, Alligators, Flowers, Etc.

  1. Oh she’s so cute, especially the “put the flower in water”!

    I love the bottom left side pic of spud, Nate used to give me that look too.

    Our house backs onto a park, and even though we live in the largest city in Canada people still set off their own fireworks on holidays, and we can sit back drink a glass of wine and enjoy(with the baby monitor plugged in).

    Happy 4th of July!

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