That Time I Ate Dinner in the Bathroom.

I will admit that I didn’t think that I would have such a hard time prioritizing running.

Ideally, I would go and run before my husband goes to work… unfortunately he has PT every morning, and snags the time slot. Granted, its his job so I guess I won’t complain too much. This leaves me with waiting all day to get a run in. With a newborn and toddler, I am often way too exhausted to even think about putting on running clothes at the end of the day. I’ve been trying to change this, and I finally got out there today. It will definitely take some getting used too. I had my gear on before my husband even came home from work, so all I had to do was ‘top off’ the baby and hit the pavement.

While I was running I did have a slight bit of mommy guilt. I didn’t want to disturb our schedule; setting dinner back would mean delaying bath time/bed time [which is not an option] so we agreed that my husband and K would eat dinner without me – something I hate doing. Dinner is a family event, in my eyes, and I do everything in my power to not ever miss it.

I came in as they were finishing up dinner, and knowing I needed to eat, I did something I never thought I would do – I ate dinner in the bathroom while my daughter splish splashed. Sure, it was awkward, using my tiny little counter as a dinner table, but sometimes you just have to make do.

Anyway, onto running. My June goals were: get more miles than June 2011 [fail], get 10+ miles with the stroller [fail], workout with the Nike app once a week [pass], and plank/do push ups daily [pass/fail]. Bleh. Not fun to look at. What sucks is that when I made these goals I thought I was selling myself short and that I would have them all attained by the middle of the month. I realized that I must make running and working out a priority. I started working out during nap times, and like today, I will continue to run after my husband gets home from work. It will just take finesse and better planning.

My July goals are as follows :: PR mileage for the year. This wont be that hard. Thanks to being in my third trimester since February, the most mileage I was able to crawl through was 25 miles in one month. Yeah. Should be fairly easy to beat that. 10+ stroller miles. These are actually harder to do, since Spud is too little for the stroller. This means it would just be K and I running – and only on the weekends. So we’ll see how this goes. I really cherish the time I spend running with her, and I don’t want that going away just because family dynamics have changed. Workout at home 3x a week, totaling at least 4 hours. I really hope I’m able to do this fairly easily. I can do this during naptimes. Ideally. Work on the mental aspect of running. Man. Mentally, I suck at this. I stop for every reason whatsoever; to fix my hair, get a sliver of grass out of my shoe, or just to plain out take a breather. This seriously needs to stop and I got way too comfortable with stopping constantly while I was running during my pregnancy.

Lastly, I finally got new shoes. That’s right. Nike. This is completely different territory for me, and even though I did a small 3 mile jaunt today, I have to say everything went very well.

Until next time.

Do you make monthly goals?

What is the hardest part about running?

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever eaten?

That Time I Ate Dinner in the Bathroom.

3 thoughts on “That Time I Ate Dinner in the Bathroom.

  1. Until the kids were 6 months and could go in a running stroller it would have been impossible to run(just cause by the end of the day sitting upright felt like a challenge) so I think it’s amazing that your fighting to get any run in at the end of the day.

    I know it’s frustrating but spud will only be a wee spud for a few more months and it will get easier to find time to get outside.

    (I too have eaten in the loo while my kids were in the bath, it’s a weird feeling but desperate times right?).

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I know that feeling- I always feel guilty if my running interrupts dinner time, too. We try to value that time, but sometimes there are no other options! It’s so hard to predict what you’ll be able to do that first month or two post baby… no worries- your kiddos are more important. But I’m sure July will be better! 🙂

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