Workout :: 3 miles at a pace I am not comfortable telling you. This postpartum stuff is the pits. I planked for a minute afterward though – wanted to go longer but little man did not care about that.

In life, there are things that just *happen* for reasons unknown. You could hit every green light, a stranger could pay for your coffee or you might happen to snag the last pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Bonus points if no one you knew saw you at the neighborhood gas station in your pj’s.

Today has been chock full of mysteries for me.

– It all started with the sniffles and a sore throat. Hmm, wonder how I got that… *cough*husband*cough* I digress. Love him anyway. I ran, but not before checking the ‘neck rule’, which I had forgot about. There goes my year long streak of not being sick… PS all four of us are sick. Not a fun household to be in right now. Unless you’re like our daughter and have boundless amounts of energy even if you’re sick. We typically don’t let food outside of the kitchen, but I am all for keeping everyone happy in times like these.


– We went on a cleaning frenzy today. Granted, it has since rendered useless as the Tornado [daughter] hit after nap time. Either way, husband found a $50 Target Gift Card. I will be there tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp. I will get conditioner, maybe some cute shoes, maybe some workout gear. A purse? I don’t know. There will be some form of candy, that much I can assure you. Don’t let me forget the cold meds.

– K made it through bath time without crying. This is HUGE, people. She hates having her hair done, so for zero tears to have fallen is a big ordeal.


– My pace was all over the map today. Was one of those runs that I should have done without a watch. Very discouraging!

– Speaking of running, my clothes seem to have shrunk. Particularly in the torso section of my shirts. This happened when I had our daughter, and I can’t remember if I ‘went back’ to fitting into shirts comfortably or not. Not cool to flash the ‘hood while trying to adjust my hair band.

– Is running more physical or mental? Another one of life’s mysteries.

– The second I left for my run, the whole house was napping. K in her room, Spud in his swing with Daddy on the couch next to him. It was a glorious sight to leave, because I knew that the time was *mine* and I didn’t have to leave my husband with any screaming children that might need something rightthisminute. I opened the screen door upon returning, and its as though every being in the house sensed my arrival. The baby started crying, the husband woke up and I somehow managed to shower before K was awake. Barely.

– Another anomaly? How I’m even awake. My eyelid has been twitching all day, a sure fire sign that I haven’t had enough sleep. Granted, with a newborn this is a given – I really should nap when he does sometime. Ha… nap… What IS that!?

– Last one :: the rest of the country apparently knows its summer. Except Washington state.


Anything mysterious happen to you today?

Is running more physical or mental for you?

Watermelon or honeydew?


6 thoughts on “Mysterious.

  1. No. Mental. Watermelon. I hope everyone feels better soon and you are able to get some sleep. Next run, don’t bring a watch and just enjoy yourself:). I think its supposed to Be nicer in a couple of days. Fingers crossed!

  2. So sorry everyone is sick in your house. I hope you all get feeling better quick. I’m not lucky enough (or should I be lucky) that weird things happen to me like that. I think depending on the day a run can be mental or it can be physical. I’ve had my fair share of runs where it’s super easy physically and I could physically run forever, but mentally it’s just super tough. Last but not least, I love me some watermelon.

  3. I would cut a bitch for your weather.

    Running is 98% mental. You just have to drag that whiny 2% along for the ride.

  4. Girl. You rock.
    Give your body some time. And yes clothes shrink–around my place anyway about every 28 days. 😉

    Running = mental

    Watermelon. Always. Watermelon.

  5. Love the post!

    How is it that after running 11 miles yesterday while extremely sore left me feeling great today with no soreness? Why does running relieve running soreness??? Now that’s a mystery!

    After this weekend, I’ve come to find that running is half mental and half physical.

    Watermelon rocks!!!!

    I share your sentiments about Summer! I want to be smothered in heat.

  6. Sorry to hear all four of you guys have been sick. Hope everyone is feeling better! Hooray for the $50 Target giftcard-always an exciting find!

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