My Nike Training Club Fiasco of a Workout

workout :: Nike Training Club – Beginner – Body Sculptor [30 minutes]


As you may or may not know, my brother in law works for Nike. At their headquarters. Yes, THE headquarters, right outside of Portland, Oregon. Prior to meeting him, I didn’t really care to look into Nike products. For my workout gear, I would buy whatever was on sale at Target, Nike or not. Obviously since then, Nike has worked its way into my gear and I’m always happy with it. I have yet to bite the bullet and get their shoes, although I want too.

My husband was browsing apps and came across the little Nike Training Club gem, which, is FREE. And found HERE. You can choose from numerous workouts, for both timeframe and ability. I’ve been trying to find time to get in a quick 30 minute workout, and the time *finally* presented itself today. Well, kind of.

Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I opted to go the beginner route and do a basic body sculpting workout. One thing I’ll have to advise is this – look at the moves ahead of time. The app lets you do this, so by all means do it. I made the mistake of just starting it, and I found myself going back and forth to the tutorial a lot. I would have saved a lot of time if I would have just browsed a quick overview of my workout.

In reality, the first 15 minutes of the workout took me FORTY FIVE minutes. I started, got a sweat on, then Spud woke up. I kept him entertained with his mobile, but then K decided she wanted to do the workout moves with me and climb on me while I planked. Spud then got irritated and I had to walk with him around the room until he fell asleep again. Put him in the swing, continued my workout with the crazy toddler, until I heard my son FILL his diaper – and I’m not talking about with pee. I knew it was going to be bad, but little did I know I was going to have to BATHE him… on a side note, he has the cutest hair after a bath…


We bathe the babe, and I continue the workout yet again. Until K needed her diaper changed. Holy crap, this is ridiculous. Anyway, diapers changed, everyone is happy. Then Spud started sucking on his hands – moms all know what that means. I bought some time and got about 3 more minutes in until he lost his mind then we had to pause yet again to feed him… He finally went down and I was able to continue and FINISH my workout.

Throughout the workout there were planks, lunges, curls, russian twists, etc. I was definitely drenched in sweat by the time I was done [yes, even with all the breaks. I am a sweaty, sweaty beast] and I look forward to more of these workouts. I like feeling so accomplished in such a short amount of time. It’s not running, but it’s a great way to crosstrain quickly. From now on I’ll do them while the kids are for SURE napping.

My Nike Training Club Fiasco of a Workout

5 thoughts on “My Nike Training Club Fiasco of a Workout

  1. I don’t know, it sounds like you found a good way to stretch out a workout and incorporate the whole family. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a cool app and I like that its free! I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the review! What is it about toddlers that makes them want to sit on you while doing push ups, planks or anything else crazy?! My 15 month old does the same thing!!

    1. Yes, very free! I have it on my iPhone, but I bet it would be awesome on the iPad. Toddlers are downright crazy, no if/ands/buts about it 😉

  3. Wow! I can only imagine trying to workout and take care of two children. Kudos to you for making it happen. And Spud definitely has the cutest hair after a bath =)

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