Some Vega Reviews

So I’ve had some Vega products for a few days now and I think I deserve a medal for my restraint. When I have something shiny, new and I know I like it, I tend to go crazy with it – so the fact that the majority of the stuff is still around is a miracle. Onward to some reviews… nutritional information at the bottom of this post.

The Protein Bar [chocolate coconut] :: Not too shabby!! I have definitely had worse, and in terms of protein bars, this one has spoiled me. The texture was decent – I find that with typical protein bars I feel like I’m chewing forever and by the end of the bar my jaw hurts. Not so, in this case. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the coconut at all which totally bummed me out because I am definitely a coconut fan. Aside from that, I would buy these with my own money, and I look forward to trying more flavors.


Smoothies :: First things first – when the instructions tell you to shake your smoothie mix into your liquid, BY ALL MEANS, SHAKE THE DANG THING. Then, shake it some more. Hell, in between sips, SHAKE IT. For the love of all things holy, do NOT put the mix into your liquid and give it the old Nesquik stir-with-a-spoon nonsense. You’ll be left with chunks of powder, and no one wants that [lesson. learned.]. For my reviews, I’ve been using rice milk. I typically drink almond milk, but that’s a story for another day.

I have tried the Choc-O-Lot [not pictured because Vega is amazing and sent me a huge bag], Bodacious Berry, Vanilla Almondilla and Oh Natural. Choc-O-Lot is one of my favorites, it isn’t overwhelmingly chocolate, and I swear there’s a hint of banana in it somewhere. So far I’ve had this every morning – not because I’m replacing my breakfast with it, but because I don’t necessarily have the time to eat breakfast while I’m taking care of the kids, so in the meantime I help myself to a delicious smoothie. It’s the perfect ‘filler’ when I don’t have a chance to make myself a meal just yet. Bodacious Berry was tasty but I noticed the taste of ‘powdery-ness’ would often linger. This may be my fault, Bodacious Berry was the first smoothie I sampled and I might not have shaken it enough as I was drinking it. All in all, not a bad taste, but I wouldn’t mind more ‘berry’ in it. My daughter was kind enough [ok, more like she stole my smoothie] to also try it out, and she was a fan of this as well. She didn’t even mind a clump of powder [this is why I think I’m at fault] and she has asked for it since. Vanilla Almondilla was horrid. Sorry, but that’s exactly how I felt about it. I took two or three sips and tossed it. I thought it was WAY too sweet and Vega is going to kill me for saying this but to me it almost tasted metallic and manufactured. It reminded me of really bad bakery frosting. I wish I would have tried this when my husband was home to get a second opinion, because other reviews tout this as ‘amazing’ and ‘perfect’. Oh Natural is frickin’ awesome. I had very low expectations of this because of the name, I honestly thought I would have to add honey or agave to it, but I obviously didn’t. To me, it tasted as though maybe this drink was supposed to be the vanilla one – there was a hint of sweetness to it, and it went down very easily.

I have yet to try the Tropical Tango but I would purchase these smoothies with the obvious exception of the Vanilla Almondilla…

Nutritional information

Chocolate Coconut Protein bar :: 240 calories, 8g Total Fat, 4g Sat. Fat, zero Trans Fat/Cholesterol/Vitamin A, 60 mg Sodium, 30g Carbs, 4g Fiber, 18g Sugar, 15g Protein, .4g of Omega 3s. I don’t know the Iron content because that part of the wrapper is already in the trash… Smile

Smoothie Information can be found here. ALL smoothies have protein, fiber, and Omega 3s, as well as two servings of vegetables.

That’s all for now – my husband and I have plenty more to review in the future, so if you’re interested in these products, keep your eyes peeled! I would also like to add that not one of these products gave me stomach issues, which is definitely a HUGE plus in my book.

Some Vega Reviews

4 thoughts on “Some Vega Reviews

  1. I wanted to love vega, its healthy, and I even like hemp powder so even if it was gritty I would be okay. I brought a giant tub of vanilla chai(I have had other vanilla chain protein shakes and loved them). It was vile. Beyond vile, it was so sweat and metallic it made my teeth hurt, who wants anything that sweet?

    So it turned me off all their products, will have try small sample sizes of the chocolate to see if it’s good.

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I’m curious to try their protein bars… haven’t had them. Thanks for the honest review!

  3. Aren’t their protein bars awesome?! I’m liking the sound of the smoothies and I think I’ll have to order some up, thanks for the reviews! 🙂

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