Helllloooooooo, la la la…

The week is slowly crawling by. Well, its busy in the stay-at-home-mom-sense, but for some reason every time I look at the clock, only a few minutes seemed to have gone by, which of course feel like hours. I don’t know if I have cabin fever or what but lately I am just down in the dumps. When K was a newborn, I drove myself crazy – no one was ‘allowed’ to help [yes, I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t want my husband to help either] with either the baby or the house. I was supposed to be in charge of it ALL, “so help me God!!” This time around I’m doing much better with letting go and accepting help, but I still have a little bit of guilt when I see my husband folding laundry. Why? I have no idea. I should be thrilled, right? I just wish this funk would go away.

I realize this is all one big, self inflicted, circle. Though it feels forced, I’m also getting out more, thankfully. Another thing that’s REALLY helping me out is my military connection/network and my run group [I count them one in the same, I have three members from my group living on my STREET, how awesome!]. Holy cow. Between dinners in the early weeks to stopping by to see how I am, the ladies I’ve met have been downright amazing. I can’t thank them enough, the camaraderie within the military community can really help you get your head on straight. 

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m blabbering on and on… maybe this is my way of ‘speaking’ to other adults and not answering the same “WHAT IS AN UMIZOOMI?” or “WHERE DO HORSIES COME FROM?” question over and over, courtesy of K. Spud, however, is doing much better. At first things were touch and go because we thought he had slight reflux issues, but I think its just something in my diet. Once I backed off the junk he seemed to improve, so its just extra motivation to not touch the stuff. No matter how tempting dark chocolate covered pomegranate might be Winking smile. Right now the biggest challenge is crib training and his constant need to be held. It gets frustrating at times, but honestly, I know this wont last forever so I’ll take it. Nothing a wrap can’t fix.

On the ‘hopeful’ front, I’m planning on running tonight and tomorrow. Right now I’m up to 2.5 miles, and though I’m upping my mileage veeeeeeery slowly, I think it’s the smarter thing to do. We’re going to the expo tomorrow  to pick up my husband’s race packet… although I’m questioning my sanity – maybe taking a 2.5 year old and a newborn to an expo with 30,000 other people isn’t the smartest thing to do…

Until then I’m off to hang out with these cuties…



4 thoughts on “Rambling.

  1. chechi says:

    I’m so happy for you! I can “feel” your calmness in your “Rambling” 😉 Keep up the good job and don’t be hard on yourself! Your little ones ARE AMAZING! 😉

  2. I think it’s normal to feel lonely and frustrated, or at least for me it is, with a baby and a toddler, I don’t know how you do it, I would go bananas. Toddlers are Go-go-go and babies are eat eat eat sleep.

    But there is a fine line between boredom, frustration and ppd( I know a lot of women who had ppd), so keep track of yourself and if you feel it’s something more go see a doc.

    All that said,between the heat and everything else it would be good if you could get out everyday(any mums groups there?). Maybe some little friends for her to play with will give you a break?

    I think the expo is a good idea, assign the lady to your husband and pop potato into a baby carrier and you may even enjoy yourself!

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