“Does Not Take Criticism Well”, pt. 1

No joke, I got that on a report card once in middle school. Granted, it was from a wretched old hag that hated kids, but its always stuck with me because its true. My family will attest to this – if you try to correct me I will get super defensive, even if I AM wrong [but we all know this almost never happens].

Folks, this is one awful habit I can’t shake, and I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this. I can’t stand that I don’t look like I did a year ago, the house is never clean enough, and my hair just never sits right. You name it, and I am downright horrible at it; I don’t think I do anything ‘well’. Get the drift?

In recent years [i.e., since meeting the husband] the little voice in the back of my mind has been drowned out by his ever encouraging words. No matter how nasty I am towards myself he is always there with a positive thing to say. I should also lump my parents into this category, because they too help out a lot – I just don’t think they know it Winking smile

So why all the hate talk? My friends, I went on a 2.5 mile run last night and I thought my lungs were going to heave themselves up my throat in protest. Climbing up the last ‘hill’ I imagined my legs trying to maneuver through mud. It was ridiculous and disheartening. The entire time I cussed at myself for not being more active, for not getting back out there sooner, and for eating like I’m trying to get onto Biggest Loser. I am reassured by my loving husband that I should be easier on myself, and in a slightly annoyed tone he adds that I “did just have a child”.


Well  you guys didn’t come to read about me groaning and pounding sand about a shoddy run so here’s a picture of the kiddo.


Don’t worry – there’s a reason behind my big long self-rant, so make sure to tune back in soon to see what I plan on doing with all the negative nonsense I have going on in my mind.

If you need me, I’ll be in the corner drowning in Almond Joys and Sprite.

“Does Not Take Criticism Well”, pt. 1

2 thoughts on ““Does Not Take Criticism Well”, pt. 1

  1. I don’t take critiicism well either, well it depends where it comes from strangers are okay and at work I go out of my way for feedback(to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong), but physical criticisms I do not like. My husband once gave me unsolicited feedback about my running and I almost divorced him(because when you are slow Nd crappy runner you really don’t need a fast runner to point that out, kwim?).

    Few things, you just had a baby, you are taking car of the baby, you’re tired, you are normal. I found the first 6 months of taking care of the twins to be depressing,I was horrified that I wasn’t blissfully happy, I was fat and tired(and who can be happy then?). It will pass and your body will start performing the same way it did before, you will soon be blowing by all us slow pokes!

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