The Curtains

So K has been waking up earlier and earlier every morning – around 5:50 is now her norm. Considering I have almost zero sleep with the newborn, this is beyond unacceptable. I was complaining about my current woes to my neighbor, who sympathized entirely, as her daughter was also waking at an earlier hour thanks to the Spring sun. She mentioned that in effort to try and coerce her daughter to sleep longer, she bought black out curtains, and voila, her daughter is now sleeping in later.

Being the awesome wife I am, my husband was then forced to spend his Father’s Day out looking for curtains and rods. Here in the household, it is rule that my husband be in charge of all the interior-designy things. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, so I have absolutely nothing to contribute when it comes to making a home feel ‘warm’, ‘cozy’ or whatever other word realtors might use to try and sell a place. The following exchange took place while he tried to include me in the decision of curtain color – a cute and thoughtful gesture, which quickly unraveled. Please excuse misspellings and grammatical errors, I was typing one handed.

curtains1 curtains2curtains3

Happy Father’s Day to you dads. Even the ones who drive us wives crazy with your indecision.

I don’t know why I decided to blog about this, but I did.

The Curtains

6 thoughts on “The Curtains

  1. HAhahahahahaa! The exchange is priceless 🙂

    Black-out curtains totally worked for us. I pushpinned them right to the wall to minimize any light leaks. No need for rods 😉

    Hope you get some better sleep!

  2. Hope your sleep situation improves! I have the opposite problem. My toddler sleeps in late but wants to stay up all night (despite me having to wake her up early to go to preschool). Hope the curtains help. It works for us (perhaps too well!)

  3. chechi says:

    Love your blog! Keep it up! I read this early in the morning and thanks for setting up my day for a great start! — I hope the little ones are sleeping better so you can recharge too!

  4. runforwine says:

    lol…you guys are cute. I would never trust my husband with such a decision. Drapes and curtain rods are far too important. It’s important things are nice to look at. I hope they helped. I need to figure that out for the nursery. Were you here last summer? It stays light out until after 10pm. We have a HUGE window in our bedroom and had to invest in a blackout shade. Best decision ever.

  5. My sister in law decorated Jasper’s room and just happened to get black out curtains. Yes…I realize now she is a genius. They work!

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