40 weeks.

Yesterday was THE day. THE deadline that our child was given to enter this world. Yet what has happened?

absolutely nothing.

Ok, that’s a total lie. On the baby front, he’s obviously not here yet. But, in pure copycat fashion, he’s giving me mini heart attacks left and right, just like his sister did.

I have done everything in the book to kick start this journey [except castor oil. just… no.], yet for two weeks now, I have been one pathetic, measly, STUPID centimeter dilated. ONE. At my 39 week appointment, I was told that if I were to make it to my 40 week appointment, we would start talking about induction dates. This totally freaked me out, and I was disheartened that my pregnancy would end by ‘force’, so to speak. By the end of the week, I had embraced the notion a little more – I talked to numerous women that had been induced, and spoke with individuals that were even induced here at the local hospital. Everything was totally gravy, in my mind. Heck, we even started picking out ‘dates’ for the baby, in case they let us chose. Whether or not they let you, I don’t know, again, we’ve never done this…

So, we waltzed into the 40 week appointment, thinking “induction! yes! have this baby in my arms by the weekend!”. I get there, only to find out that they don’t want to induce me until you are late into your 41st week. That is 10 days away. TEN DAYS. Let me put this into perspective for non-pregnant people. Ten days to normal beings is 10 days. Nothing excruciating, some might even use the jolly “9 days and a wake up!!” bull to make the countdown seem shorter. To a pregnant woman ten days might as well be another month. My lungs are inaccessible – to get groceries from the car, inside, takes a herculean effort. Forget keeping up with my 2.5 year old. We have spent the majority of the past week playing ‘hair’ – I lay on the couch, she does my hair. Dinner? Yeah babe, enjoy that frozen pizza. Housework? HAHA, seriously? I am 100% sure that my ribs are bruised, and that my cervix has been headbutted into oblivion. AND you have people who think its funny to ask if you’ve had the baby yet, to which I want to respond, “why yes I have, I actually had him 3 weeks ago and didn’t want to mention anything…”

Not only am I a lady-in-waiting, but my blood pressure is too high and they want me to come in daily for checks [how not stressful!] and if its too high I am whisked off to L&D for a non-stress test. This is not new to me, as this is exactly what I did with our daughter; in fact, I was admitted into the hospital not for my contraction count, but because of my blood pressure issue. Lovely. The good news is that somehow I am now 3 centimeters dilated, but that worries me a little because I have no idea how that happened.

Anyway. That’s where I stand. Well, sit. Actually, no, both of those are uncomfortable. That’s where I lay.

Waiting on this stubborn little man to get here. *sigh*

40 weeks.

11 thoughts on “40 weeks.

  1. Oh man, I hope he comes soon:) Thinking of you and hoping everthing goes smoothly and you have your sweet baby in your arms ASAP.

  2. runwiki says:

    I am so sorry your little man is so snug and unwilling to make an appearance. I was like that with my twins at 39 weeks.. miserable, i have so much empathy. If I were there I would take care of you.. laundry, meals, entertain the girl, gives you sips of water, bring the toilet to you if I could. xo

  3. Sun Safety Barbie says:

    Oh man. I’ll stop asking if you had him yet 😉 Thinking speedy thoughts for the little guy.

  4. Chechi says:

    He’ll be her very soon! i just know it! * * * Try to relax! i know… it’s easier said than done! Good vibes! Spirit Fingers! Hey! I’m cheering for you little one! We’re here waiting for you at the finish line!!!! Hurry!!!!! go! go! almost there…

  5. I hope he decides he wants out soon, I read a hokey but did it anyway visualization where I visualized walking with them across a bridge between one world and another. It helped me mentally,especially when every thing went wrong

  6. Laura says:

    Hang in there for this final stretch! I remember how one week felt like an eternity. Hope he surprises you with an appearance soon!

  7. runforwine says:

    Your worried about being 3cm! Girl, celebrate that shit. Isn’t this progress?! I sincerely hope I can get to 3cm without even noticing! Fingers crossed you wont go another 10 (9 now?) days. That totally blows about having to go in EVERY day. So not convenient. I’m sorry about that. Hang in there. You gave me great advice yesterday, “nothing lasts forever”

  8. Gabby says:

    well sadly i am in the same boat as you. im also 40 weeks and just hoping my little man comes soon. it feels like forever! 😦

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