The Itch

I wish I would have done a better job documenting my return to running after my first pregnancy. I do remember waiting the entire six weeks to return to exercise, like a good little girl. The first race back I did was a local Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, which was roughly two months after I had our daughter. For some reason or another I don’t have my time, but I imagine I averaged about a 10 minute mile.

My friends, I am experiencing the infamous ‘itch’. Yes, I am busy getting work done and squaring away things for the house, but I freakin’ miss running. Getting out for walks is NOT the same. I want the spring in my step. I miss the wind blowing through my hair, I miss the soft sounds of my shoes hitting the pavement, I miss the ‘hills’ of the neighborhood and I want to see the new plants around post in the process of blooming. I would be lying to you if I didn’t think that a small part of me thinks I stopped running prematurely. Who’s to say I can’t pick up the pace for a quarter mile at a time, right? RIGHT?!

The path to where I was before will be a long one, I know this. Not only will my body be bouncing back, but I will also have a precious addition to the family. They are my priority, and I can’t wait to embark on this journey with them. It will take finesse, juggling, I imagine a little bit of frustration, but it will be worth it. I am totally convinced that running makes me a better wife and mother.

I realized recently that my brother’s birthday is about eight weeks after my due date; and on his birthday I run the number of laps around a track in equivalent to what his age would have been. Heeding the normal six week waiting rule, I would have two weeks to get my body to ‘do’ 10.5 miles of anything for his birthday on July 6th. This is a monumental task that is obviously a bit out of reach, both physically and logistically, as my husband might be gone for training, etc. I’m already thinking about it because I refuse to not do it, I might enlist the help of a bike as well. For now that’s the only thing on my schedule, and in my opinion, the only thing worth doing.

Is there anything that you refused to back down from?

Are you having nice weather?

Do you enjoy going for walks?

The Itch

8 thoughts on “The Itch

  1. Still cold here but the sun peeks out every once in a while. It’s the cold wind that really gets me. I think going the bike route is a great idea for your brother’s b’day! I’m not a huge fan of walks just because I know running is so much faster:) It’s hard to walk when I would rather be running but I will take a walk with a friend over nothing any day! I hope it’s sunny there:)

  2. I think riding a bike around the track x number of laps could be a workable compromise!

    Our weather is turning from nice to ehhhhh. I’ve had to ’embrace’ going for walks…just like you…but for different reasons!

  3. runforwine says:

    Walking is not the same. Not even a little. I haven’t had to back down from anything throughout the pregnancy that I didn’t back down from right at the beginning, but I think the time is nearing. Of course I say that about once a week and then I have a surprisingly good run and then I think I might actually be able to run throughout.

    Your body will probably surprise you at how quickly you bounce back. And yes, I totally agree. I will be a better wife and mother if I get my running in. I’m even thinking treadmill might be my “push” present.

    On the bright side you’ll be returning to running just as the weather gets good and you’ll have ALL summer to enjoy it!!

  4. runwiki says:

    You have done it again.. love your posts. I know your frustration. I have been there, you are saying all the right things buts it’s still difficult. You are as tough a Momma as you are runner. You must get through this marathon and perhaps you are approaching the wall. It is not easy and often you want to stop but you must keep solidering forward. You move forward with such grace and style, Natalie. Love how you will be honoring your brother, you will do it, I can feel your determination. Hang in there love, it will all be worth it.

  5. Laura says:

    I hear you- it’s so hard not to run when you want to, for whatever reason. It was really helpful for me to set up a few goals for post pregnancy running, too. It’s nice to have something on the calendar– love that you plan to run for your brother. Yes, 10.5 miles that soon would be a lot! A bike sounds like a good plan for part of it.

  6. Good luck running the 10.5 miles. As long as you set your mind to it, you’ll be able to do it. Even though it’s not until July, I can’t wait to read about it.

    Weather in Utah is pretty decent lately; however in 1 week we’re supposed to have snow. Boo. 😦 I’m so ready for spring.

  7. The weather has gone from too hot to just right this week, so I’m hoping for some good times outside.
    It’s a good sign that you still have the running itch! Just take it easy, or add some 30-second strides into your walks. The roads will still be there when you’re ready.

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