A Running Mommy’s Wish List

Sorry to leave so many of you hanging about the rest of our story!!! I promise that I will get that written up soon!!

We are starting to finally realize that our new arrival will be here within the next few months. Granted, yes we’ve known this for awhile… but if you put it into relatable terms, “before school lets out”, “at the end of the training calendar”, “less time than a Kim Kardashian wedding” – then your eyes widen at the thought of it. If the little guy decides to show up early, we have everything – clothes, car seat, a place for him to sleep, etc; but I’m talking about me here. The runner. Yes, mom; but we all know what running does to you. It’s unexplainable, but we know that we just need to do it.

With Kara, I found out the hard way [meaning it took me MONTHS] that it is ok to let others help, and to take time for myself. I remember crying in the shower when she was a few weeks old, exhausted and wondering why on EARTH God chose me to be a mother. Slowly, I accepted help – I came around, and eventually went on a run alone. Then, finally, we bought a running stroller and I ran with it for the first time just 10 days before Kara’s first birthday. I love the running stroller and that thing has saved both my sanity and my daughters, on numerous occasions. It has hundreds of miles on it, and is 100% reliable. So item #1 on my wish list? A double running stroller… a BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, to be exact.


And you better bet that I’m getting all kinds of bells and whistles for it as well. The weather shield, the car seat adapter, and bottle holder. The problem? Right now, as my Amazon wish list sits, the total of all this stuff comes to right at $700. DUDE. Sure, I know these go on Craigslist for about half the price – but I am just not comfortable buying this used. I don’t know the exact history of it, and for the safety of the kids, I would much rather go full price. But you know what? I’ll be running, with my babies – and it will be more than worth every penny. 

Eventually, I would also like to get a treadmill for the house. We will probably set it in our room, so that its out of the way, but most importantly, its not any kind of hazard to the kids. This also means I’ll be staring at a white, blank, boring wall during my runs – but I don’t care because I will be running. I came across the Livestrong 8.0t Treadmill.


Relatively cheap [for treadmill standards] at $800, this is also currently on sale at our PX, where they also have financing options. Nice. It has features that I honestly could do without, like remembering your previous 5 workouts, MP3 hookups, storing your PR, a fan, etc… again – I just want to run. Selling point? It folds easily. I can literally lift the bottom of this thing with one hand. And for a wimp like me, that is BIG. Some might argue that I have access to a free gym here on post. I know this – buuuuuuuuut the childcare there is LESS than stellar [employees texting, sending kids home with poopy diapers; I have seen kids straight up ignored] and the last straw was when I found out last week that there were lice going around. Yeah, not happening.

So that is my “wish list” for 2102. Granted, this is all small potatoes compared to healthy children, and a happy household, of course. If I can get these two material things, I’ll be happy – I won’t sign up for races, I’ll keep other running expenses at a minimum, and be on my merrily way with either kids in tow or on the treadmill. Smile 

Mother runners – anything else you can think of that I might need? Advice? What was your biggest challenge in going from one to two children; running or in general?

A Running Mommy’s Wish List

7 thoughts on “A Running Mommy’s Wish List

  1. That Bob stroller is a must! I had one (although this is much nicer) and used it up until a few months ago.My biggest challenge was that I went from one child to three kids… I cried… all the time… still do. They are healthy, I am blessed, I adore the ground they walk on, they are loud and run around like crazy animals until I cry…all the time.,, did I mention I love them and I am fortunate beyond words? Take that help.. virtual hug.

  2. Laura says:

    If we have a second child, those would be on my wish list too… I’m also curious about the transition to two kids, feeling more ready to think about it these days, but I’m still nervous. 🙂

  3. I would have loved a bob double. If I had known that I was going to be running I would have purchased that stroller (but it’s not ideal for infant twins, so that was one of the downfalls for us).
    Instead we got a first wheels twin stroller (it had basinets) and then latter our giant MEC chariot style stroller (which is now too big/heavy to run with!).

    I am tempted to sell our first wheels and buy a bob used (I have no problem buying used here, everyone seems to do it without issues – only problem is people trying to charge just almost as much as if it was new!).

  4. Wow, that’s spendy but worth it for your sanity:) I used a treadmill when my 2 were little. We had a sunroom with a slider so I could run on the treadmill in there and still see the boys without them getting close to the treadmill. For me, the transition from 1 to 2 wasn’t bad. I’m sure you will do fine.

  5. I’m not a mom but I have a treadmill in the house and love it. I spent a lot of time on it last summer when it was so hot that unless you ran in the dark before sunrise it was miserable. As far as the double running stroller goes, that thing looks amazing!

  6. runforwine says:

    You should definitely buy that treadmill then report back to me if you like it and if I need to buy one:) I’m right in the middle of the fence on it. And I totally feel you on the gym daycare. Same reason I’m not interested in going to the Y (which we already have a membership to so it’s not like it would be an extra investment). It’s just not right for me.

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