Running & a Flashback

Yes, blog posts two days in a row! Watch out, world!

Did the usual housewife stuff around here this morning. Our vacuum cleaner is making odd noises, like a squeaking kind of thing… I guess that is what will happen when you use it at least three times a week about three years?? I really don’t feel like buying a new one, maybe I’ll just pretend to not hear the squeak from here on out. I am also the worst at ‘diagnosing’ anything on machines, so until it starts smoking I am not worried.

Once the house was caught up, we loaded up for a run, which ironically took about 45 minutes. Getting a busy toddler changed and ready to strap into a stroller is harder than it sounds – even if it is for a 2 mile run. Anyway, we ran, and I didn’t notice that the tires were getting a little flat on the stroller, so I ran with way more effort than I should have. Some of us, however, had a far more relaxing time.


I was curious to see where my running was last year and imagine my surprise when I found this entry:


How cool is that!? I’ve officially been in Washington for a year. I do know that this particular run was at my sister in law’s house, and that we didn’t move into our house on post until the 6th of March. Anyway, I think that’s pretty darned exciting – lots has happened in this past year. Maybe if I scrounge up some time I’ll do a recap Smile

Running & a Flashback

6 thoughts on “Running & a Flashback

  1. Way to get your miles in. I am always envious of people with children that would fall asleep in a stroller. My boys would never do it, darn it! I would say your run counts for more than 2 miles since the tires were flat:) Bummer about the vacuum. I just kind of broke mine last week. It still vacuums, but it won’t lock into an upright position anymore. Congrats on being here a year! We’re glad to have you!

  2. I am so, so jealous that she still sleeps in the stroller. SO. JEALOUS.

    It usually takes me just as long to get ready as to run with the stroller. It’s both sad and funny.

  3. I totally get the whole vacuum thing.. ours is a crappy one that we paid like $50 for at Walmart and some IDIOT put carpet in this house when dust is alllllll over the place. But, alas, I will not be buying a vacuum anytime soon.

  4. Laura says:

    I agree with Kara and Rachelle, jealous that she still sleeps in the stroller!! L might cat nap in there, but then that’s it for her nap and she and I are both grumpy for the rest of the day, so now we usually stick to naps at home. The only exception is when we travel–she refuses to nap in a hotel so then we let her nap in the stroller and take whatever we get. 🙂

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