One Big Catch Up

Thanks so much for all of your comments on the last post!!! I have a post I’ve been working on for a couple of days now, but I’m not done with it just yet… of course it’s pregnancy related; more so about the emotional side of it and how I’ve come around in the past week or so. I know you guys are ready for some positivity around here!!

This past week has been insane. We were barely home; last Wednesday we were literally out of the house for about 12 hours. It was nuts, and the week flew by. Here are some snippets Smile 



For some reason, the past few days I’ve been craving chocolate hardcore… I tried to make it somewhat healthy and dip kiwis and mango bits in it, but then the next night I had a chocolate molten brownie thing. Divine.


We had our military ball this past weekend. As I was feverishly getting ready, I walked into the living room and saw my husband, napping. This is where being a chick is kind of annoying – we start getting ready about two hours ahead of time; only to see our husbands napping 30 minutes before we have to leave. Lucky ducks.


We went running!! I had a chance to take the Dieter dog, so I did. It was amazing, and I haven’t been able to run with him in years – it was a nice change of pace, for sure. dogrun

Can you tell I went running with a dog? So many starts and stops!! I didn’t mind – I wanted to take my time with it anyway, so the pauses for peeing/sniffing/pooping [for the dog] wasn’t as frustrating as it used to be.

My brother in law and his girlfriend were in town as well; naturally we had a load of fun. They also brought me some gluten free macaroni & cheese from Pikes Place, so I’m going to go enjoy that now along with watching some Oscars. See y’all in a few days. Smile

One Big Catch Up

7 thoughts on “One Big Catch Up

  1. You look amazing! I was expecting you to say that was last year’s ball pic, I could hardly tell you were pregnant! So glad you’re feeling better these days and loving being a mom. Yay for a run, too!!

  2. I love th pic of the snack on belly, super cute.

    And omg, you look fantastic in the formal picture! Your one of those beautiful pregnant ladies.

    Glad you got to run!

  3. chechi says:

    Keep it up! Running is your best “snack” it really shows! Love your pictures! Motherhood is amazing… somehow we manage to “squeeze” more each day!

  4. runforwine says:

    It’s crazy how big your belly looks with the bowl on it, but then how cute and little it is when your standing. You look great in both!

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