The Emotional Demise of a Pregnant Runner

Sorry to those who thought I fell off the planet.

In blogging, I know that there are certain aspects of your life you are willing to share, and others that may not make headlines. The past couple of weeks I have avoided blogs in general, and came close to deleting the blog. Why? Let me be dramatic. With my decrease in activity, I felt completely despondent; bordering on depressed. I moped around the house, cranky and irritable. I hated seeing that everyone was running. I even made the bold declaration that I am never running again, and that I never even liked it anyway.

Though this feeling has eased up a bit, there is still a bit of ‘cloud’ that I carry with me. Ugh, I still have 11 weeks to go. I should at least be walking. I am such a loser for not being able to do this. Why should I even bother getting back into it afterwards? I’m not even good at running. Maybe I should just find a different hobby. Yes, this is a look into a dramatic, pregnant lady’s mind. There are still times I firmly believe in these statements, but, I do not feel this way constantly. I know I’ll get back out there. Yes, my mind is fully functional, and I know that these emotions are silly and immature. Of course I love running. I hate not doing so, and I was/am just being a brat that isn’t getting her way.

Having my parents here was a great buffer. I focused on spending time with those I loved, instead of drowning in work/housewife stuff and living my eternal Groundhog Day. This whole not-running-thing is putting a lot into perspective. Amongst other things, #1 – I make irrational, dumb, and less than stellar decisions when not active, and I should at least get out and breathe fresh air for at least 30 minutes a day. I owe it to my sanity. #2 – I have horrible self confidence and am WAY too hard on myself. #3 – the world will not end if the dishes are not done, laundry isn’t folded and put away, the toys aren’t picked up, the floor isn’t vacuumed, etc.

So anyway, this post was a lot of rambling, but that is where I have been. Avoiding you all completely, sulking, and making myself promises that I will hopefully keep. Today, ironically, I felt like running. I’m to the point now where a run/walk would probably be more conducive to my pregnant body, which ironically, has stopped aching so much. I am curious to see if this stems from being out and about with my family – it would only make sense. Pre-pregnancy, my body would start getting random aches and pains if I went too long without running. It was as if getting up and moving was literally lubricating and refreshing my joints and muscles. Weird, I know.

Well then, thanks for making it through all that. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Smile 

Have you ever felt this way? Maybe during injury or prolonged time away from something you love doing?

Do you think that you literally need running/cycling/hiking/another hobby in your life?

Can YOU believe its not butter??

The Emotional Demise of a Pregnant Runner

12 thoughts on “The Emotional Demise of a Pregnant Runner

  1. Even though I’ve never been pregnant…I’ve shared those same thoughts! Enjoy your family time. Running will always be there and you will love it again!

  2. I wish I could offer you words of wisdom but I have nothing. I imagine what you are going through is so hard. I mean so many weird things must be going on with your body and emotions – which go hand in hand. I mean, I go through a week of dehydration, and exhaustion and I want to jump off a bridge. Ha. All I can say, that after this is over, you are going to have a beautiful little boy to show the ways of the world. Keep your chin up.

  3. When I was pregnant with Faith, I used to get upset about how hard a walk would feel. I would literally have sweat pouring off me…from a 3 mile walk at a brisk/moderate pace. I felt like I would never get back to working out like a normal person. But look at me now! Haha, I’m so normal.

  4. Sorry you’re feeling down:( I definitely think that some walking outside might help a little. I know it’s hard to not be able to do the one thing you really want to do. I think the sucky weather around here is definitely not helping! Glad you were able to distract yourself for a bit with family fun:)

  5. Hang in there girl! Listen, I pretty much took 5 years off from running. I was just so dang tired after having #2 and then dealing with all of our military transitions (moves, job changes and such). Then I had baby #3… So the break continued for another year. While I admire the many bloggers who kill it during/right after pregnancy, that was not how I rolled. The great thing about running, however, is that it’s always going to be there for you. I’m 36, have 3 kids, and am running right now better than I have EVER run. I ran my first marathon *BEFORE* kids almost 40 minutes faster than the time I ran last month!!

    Anyway…don’t be so hard on yourself right now, and don’t beat yourself up that you’re just not feelin’ it. You’ll get there again!

  6. Ugh, lost my comment.

    I have realized that I need o be active every single day, I need to sweet, i need the endorphins or I get crazy, emotional and plain old not happy at all.

    I have been forced into taking prolonged time away from fitness, first working 14 Hours, which was okay when I had a physically active job because I still got my exercise, but in my last misserable desk job, with an hour commute each wayplus10 to 12 hour days, 5 days a week I didn’t exercise and I became misserable. Not to mention a whole boat of hospitilizations from the fertility crap(and forced breaks then). So yeah, what I’m trying to say is I sorta understand. Walking. Swimming, yoga? Any of these float your boat?

    Ps, hormones can make the best of us feel a little irrational and our pregnant= your hormonal, that can’t help things.

  7. Thanks for sharing! That’s always the first step in feeling better, I think… admitting to yourself and others what’s going on. I’ve definitely felt that way too… and my mood goes steadily downhill when I’m not getting any fresh air or exercise. I think our bodies come to expect that endorphin rush! Hope you can find some balance of taking it easy on yourself and getting some walks or jogs in when you can. It’s not easy being pregnant!

  8. Sending lots of positive and happy thoughts your way!!! My husband and I don’t yet have children but I often worry about the changes I will go through when we do decide to start having kids and in particular, how it will affect my running. I admire you for your determination to stay positive and am sure you will be back out there running soon enough.

    And yes, I absolutely feel like I need running to maintain my sanity. If I can’t workout, for more than two days, I get very anxious. Exercise is so good for the soul =)

    Have a happy Tuesday and best of luck to you and your family!!!

  9. I only became a runner after being pregnant but I definitely can imagine how you are feeling…defeated. But try to focus on the positive…and that is that not only will you have a beautiful baby, but that this phase is only temporary and in a bit more than 11 weeks, you can start up again.

  10. runforwine says:

    I’m totally not with you on this. It was such a rough road to me getting pregnant, I will gladly give up running (or anything for that matter) TEMPORARILY (remember that girl!). I know it sucks not running, (yes I absolutely need it in my life, no question), but try to keep things in perspective, girl! Have you never had a training setback?

    Just because you can’t run, doesn’t mean you can’t do other sweat inducing things. Don’t think of it as a replacement (nothing can replace running) but more of a bridge to get you through the next few weeks.

    I had to take several months off for an injury so I get the head space your in. I’m glad your feeling a bit better now. Accept it and move on. And then refer me to this comment when I’m feeling sorry for myself after having to give up running 🙂

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