My Lame-O Tuesday

Ho hum. That’s all I have to say about today. You know those days where you feel like you need an amazing run/renewing yoga session/sinfully indulgent chocolate volcano cake, all at one time, in complete silence, followed by a bubbling, relaxing bath? Welcome to my Tuesday Smile My mind is in overdrive over things I can’t control, and that’s never a good thing.

The morning was super productive, and I am ecstatic at the progress I made. I did the boring stay at home mom things that only moms understand; when you’re actually caught up on laundry, there aren’t dishes in the sink, the errands list is nonexistant, and not one speck of dirt is on your clean kitchen floor.


After lunch I was downright exhausted, but determined that I was going to run. Going through the ‘get everything ready’ routine, I quickly lost steam. I got to the end of the driveway, shut the Garmin back off, and decided we would go on a walk instead.


Sorry the blog has been reduced to a bunch of rambling nonsense about my day and never-ending complaints! I debated on stopping the entire process completely, I have to admit that I don’t feel worthy enough of a runner to even call myself one these days. Don’t even get me started on how awful I feel about yoga…

Come back in June and I’ll have my act together. Hopefully Smile For those deciding to stick around, your cookies are in the mail.

If there was one thing you could do without interruption, everyday, for an hour – what would it be?

Is the sun shining where you are?

My Lame-O Tuesday

4 thoughts on “My Lame-O Tuesday

  1. I’m sorry, what? You had a day with no dishes in the sink and a clean kitchen floor and company wasn’t coming over? I don’t believe you are a SAHM. You must be a 56 year old man living in his parent’s basement pretending and you just gave yourself away.


  2. I’m impressed that you made it through a whole morning at home without a meltdown, we usually need the change of scenery to keep us both happy. 🙂 You are definitely still a runner… even if you don’t run again til June!

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