Things to Look Forward To

So I’m placing myself on a running ban [just for the day] because just walking around doing chores caused cramping. I definitely know it is a hydration issue, after my run yesterday I kept telling myself to drink water but was super lazy about it. So now, on this gorgeous, almost-60-degree day; I sit inside and pout. I know better though, I have only myself to blame!

Lately I’ve been noticing myself saying, “Oh, I can’t wait for that!!” or “Man, that is going to be fun!” There’s a lot to look forward too here in the household, that is for sure.

– Today marks the start of my third trimester. Some sites say 25 weeks, some say 29 – whatever. I’m going with 27 because of many reasons; it’s a multiple of 3 [… I like the number 3…], and mainly I am eager to get the ball rollin’. From here, I can barely see the finish line, and while that can cause anxiety at times, I am beyond excited to finally meet this little dude.

– Husband is running the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half with our run group in June, and at Saturday’s run they handed out training schedules. This alone made me giddy… last year he and his Soldiers were volunteers, and this year he will finally run the course! I can’t wait to cheer him on [probably from home, at that point] and *maybe* a small part of me can’t wait to go Gu, Body Glide, sock, apparel, etc., shopping. Nerd, I know.

– Dinner tonight. This sounds dumb, I know. Minus the five minute run in yesterday, I haven’t seen the husband since Saturday night, and to pour a little salt on the wound I know he’s less than two miles away from me. We’ll finally see him tonight, AND we are having my neighbor and her daughter over for dinner. Good times.

– Babies!! Obviously, my own… but I also know of 8 other ladies that will be having their new  bundles by mid July. Truly an exciting time, and maybe once we’re all coming out of our haze in about 18 years we’ll sit around and catch up.

– Getting this potty training thing down. As new parents, we’re always saying that this ‘new’ stage is the most frustrating, or the best one yet. I look back to when Kara was a newborn, and I remember feeling so hopeless because she was crying and she couldn’t tell me what was wrong. From there, you do a myriad of things. Change baby. Feed baby. Reswaddle baby. Rock baby. Repeat and/or hand Baby off to Dad. Now, my frustrations are with different issues, mainly with how STUBBORN this child is. I told myself that I would not be “that mom” who bribes her kid with chocolate as a reward for a bodily function. That lasted two days. As with everything a two year old does, this quickly lost its shine; and she went back to ignoring the potty because doing Dolly’s hair was more interesting. Ideally I would love for her to have this figured out by May. As my mother in law says, “she won’t be peeing her pants in college”, so there’s always that.

– I know this will sound cheesy, but I am really looking forward to all of your spring/summer races. Seeing training kick off for so many runners makes me so excited for every single one of you!!

– Going through the shed/storage room/closets. We have way too much stuff that has been kept in boxes from move to move to move. It’s the random junk we always say we’ll find a place for, but never do. I loathe clutter, of any kind, and we seriously need to just go through it all and toss stuff.

What do you have to look forward to?

Did you have a mild winter this year?

How do you feel about clutter?

Things to Look Forward To

10 thoughts on “Things to Look Forward To

  1. Sarah says:

    I think the weather is supposed to hold through tomorrow! Keep sipping that h2O. (Your MIL quote is too funny!)
    Right now I’m looking forward to more spring sunshine! Even if it’s weeks away.

  2. I am looking forward to spring 🙂 Winter has been mild here, we have had very little snow and minus a handful of really cold days (all of which seemed to fall on Sundays and race days) the winter has not been all that bad.I hate clutter

  3. Bleah, this winter is so mild it’s basically summer. I hate it. I only have one or two months of decent running weather, and then God takes it away! My 20-miler on Saturday was in 78 F weather at the start (82 or 83 at the end) and 98% humidity. Glory be.

  4. I’m completely scared of potty training! Congrats on hitting the third trimester, I counted mine at 27 weeks too. 😀

    I’m looking forward to today being over; my husband has an 8 hour event starting this afternoon for which I’m kinda required to be, well, silent. And the baby too. We all know how well that’s gonna work out.

    Thursday is date night so I’m looking forward to that too, I spose!

  5. runforwine says:

    Potty training – however you can get done, I say go for it! I bribe myself with food all the time, I really don’t see the big deal.

    Freinds having babies – wow! That is alot. Are they local. I’m anxious to meet some other new momies once I’ve come out of my newborn shock fog hopefully a few months post baby. I’m going to a new bible study (havn’t been to one of those in years!) this friday and I think it’s all new mom’s so I’m hopefull to build a little support system early.

    Getting rid of crap is the best! When in doubt, through it out. I’m doing the same with my closet(s) right now. Realistically, when will I EVER wear this again?! Probably never. I’m trying to remember that while I can have a great body post baby, it will still be a different body. New clothes will likely be desired and required.

  6. What do you have to look forward to? I am looking forward to the training for my Ultra. It will be tough, but I know I will learn a lot.

    How do you feel about clutter? I absolutely HATE clutter. It makes me feel antsy. “If in doubt, throw it out.” That’s my philosophy.

  7. I’m not even sure the weather we’ve had so far could even be called winter. Good luck with cleaning out. I tackled four of our extra closets in the past couple of weeks.

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