Almost Forgot

Earlier this week I was tagged by the ever inspirational Michele, blogging at NYC Running Mama, to do an “11’s” post. I almost forgot to do this. Almost. Smile

I’ll most certainly answer her questions, but since I am feeling nice and lazy, you guys basically get free 11 randoms about me without having to do anything at all. Yes, I am breaking the chain, just like I did last time. Such a rebel.

1. What was the first race signed up for?  When was it? Where was it?  How did you do? Hmmm… this is a toss up. I was told I was running in my first ever race, a 5k, by my TI at basic training back in February of 2007. From there, I was fact :: I still have that 5k shirt and refuse to wear it, I have the bib on my wall, and the finisher’s medal we received for coming in first hangs with my others. I came home in June of 2007, and did a 5k that August, back home in Ohio. I ran it, and probably came in around the 28ish minute mark. At the time, I didn’t own a Garmin, I was running in some random cheap Adidas shoes that I thought looked cool, I wore basketball shorts, and was not only wearing the race shirt, but I had my bib on the back. I’m sure it was a sight to see.
2. What is your favorite color? Oh. Tough question. I honestly don’t have a set favorite color. Right now, I’m feeling a cool yellow.
3. Do you prefer to read stories and the training of elite runners or every day runners? Why? I enjoy both equally. I love reading about normal joe’s with jobs/kids/commitments whose schedule they have to constantly conform to their hobby. I know that I will never even sprint as quickly as an elite runner’s ‘easy pace’, and I’m ok with that – so having that distinction in mind, I take away the ‘guts, blood, glory’ hardworking aspect of their story. Basically, I find the determination of someone who loves to run, inspiring; no matter from what perspective.
4. Treadmill or dreadmill? Treadmill. Its not my favorite, but I will use it.
5. Gear junkie or Run Naked? Hmm. I definitely use my GPS, and since having my daughter I run with my phone. I don’t really like listening to music, and I have no idea where my heart rate band thing is. So… not so much naked… but also not a junkie. However, “Numbers Nerd”? ab-so-frickin‘-lute-ly.
6. Is there an era of music that you prefer? Oldies? Classic Rock? 90s? Oh! Good question! I am partial to the 90s… I may or may not have had a huge Spice Girls thing going, as well as a major crush on Blink 182. I for sure cannot stand 80s music. Sorry. The hair bands and synthesizers make me want to scream.
7. Coffee or Tea? I love coffee, I really do. Obviously, during pregnancy/nursing I won’t touch it, and I’ll only drink ‘legal’ tea. When I’m not pregnant/nursing, I will drink coffee, and the only tea I discriminate against is the fruity kind. Oh… coffee… we will reunite one day.
8. What is a childhood secret you never told your mom? I seriously don’t think I have one. Plus, my mom is too smart – even if I thought I was getting away with something, she probably already knew about it and rolled her eyes at my stupidity. Smile
9. Favorite Olympic Summer sport to watch? Soccer. *sigh* Of course I’ll be interested in the marathon. But, I played soccer for my entire childhood, and our household was nutso about it. I also really enjoy the swimming events, tennis, and triathlon.
10. Favorite movie of all time? Saving Private Ryan.
11. Cake or Pie? Pie, but only if my Grandma made it. Any other time, cake. I love me some frosting.


Thanks for the questions, Michele!!! Now, Go Giants!!

Almost Forgot

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