Come Laugh at Me!!

So I had a guest blogger all lined up but it fell through. I’ll give you a hint – they live in this house. SO yeah, look forward to that tomorrow, I hear there’s some pretty good material being thrown around.

Anyway, at random times throughout the day I’ll have this sudden urge to go through a random box and try to unpack it [yes I know we’ve been here a year… almost]. The problem is that I get distracted by what is actually IN the box, and I’ll start leafing through it and reminiscing. Before I know it I’ve burned 2 hours during Kara’s naptime [typically the most productive time of the day] doing something completely useless AND I didn’t actually unpack anything. Lose-lose.

I found this piece of paper yesterday, and it made me laugh for various reasons…


I would like to take a moment to highlight my genius. 1) I scribbled out “life” goals and changed it to “for the next 5 years” 2) I didn’t date it; ergo, to me, this has no expiration date. Ha! I also can’t remember the last time my handwriting looked like that… so its definitely been awhile. So let’s analyze shall we?

– Run marathon :: Well. We all know how this has gone.

– Run half marathon :: Yay! Completed, 18 September 2010, USAF Half Marathon

– Run 5k :: Also completed, against my will, at Basic Training. But I loved it. We placed first as a flight, but I can’t remember our time. I’m going to pretend it was sub-20. Just because.

– Run 10k :: Ugh. Also completed. I say ‘Ugh’ because I hate 10k’s. My very first 10k I thought I was going to witness my then boyfriend [now husband] dropping dead right in front of me from a heat stroke. Very scary.

– 4 year degree :: Geez, I gave myself 5 years to do this and still didn’t get around to it.

– Move out :: YAY!

– Halfway decent relationship :: Wow. I sure set the standard pretty high huh? This was obviously before I met my husband, and we’re going on 3 years married in March.

– Get my doberman :: No doberman; I’m not so sure what my angle was with that one. I believe my idiot Mastiff is a loveable upgrade though.


– Go to Peru, India, Morrocco :: I clearly also had an unlimited bank account to be doing all this crap within 5 years. I haven’t been to Peru since ‘96 (sad…) and haven’t even thought about the other two. *sigh*

– Roadtrips, travel more :: Done, and done. Thank yeeeeew, Army.

– Make Kenny, Mom & Dad proud on a daily basis :: Yikes. Not touching that one. My mom says I do, but she’s my mom and supposed to say that…

– Do one small thing for someone else everyday :: I would like to think that when given the opportunity I do things for others, even if its something small. I can’t promise I do it everyday, since I confine myself to the house like a leper.

– Go to church every Sunday :: … you got me. We really do need to go more often. We have gone once this year. Sad, I know. My ‘parenting fail’ moment in regards to religion came to me the other day when Kara was playing with her Noah’s Ark set and she called Noah, “Santa”. Yeah.

– Volunteer once a month :: Can being a stay at home mom count as volunteering? In all seriousness, I would like to start volunteering at races.

– Learn a different language :: In two short years I taught myself how to speak Infababble and Toddlernese.

– Become an amazing cook :: This one is up for debate. Not really. I suck in the kitchen, but I have a lot of cookbooks and that makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

– Motorcycle license :: I will do no such thing.

There you have it!!!!

Do you ever look back and laugh at what you ‘wanted’ to do?

Would you rather volunteer at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen?

Motorcycles – fun, or death traps?

Come Laugh at Me!!

11 thoughts on “Come Laugh at Me!!

  1. I love this!!! I wish I had created a list years ago! It’s almost like a time capsule! Funny thing is that if you asked me 5-10 years ago about motorcycles, I would have said I wanted to ride them too! I won’t even get close to them now – they terrify me! LOL =)

  2. How fun to come across that old list! You’ve made a lot of progress on it, too. I’m just jealous your daughter sleeps 2+ hours… I’m lucky to get an hour and a half! 🙂

  3. O my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this post. I wish I had a list like this to reflect on because I am SURE I would have a lot of laughs over it.
    Motorcycles freak me out.

  4. runforwine says:

    This is cracking me up. I don’t know where to start…..

    The best – ‘half way decent relationship’ what the….? I guess there’s really nowhere to go but up right? I would argue that you do a hundred small things for your daughter and husband a day. At least. And I HATE 10k’s. They are the worst. Motorcycle license: hell to the no!

    This was too funy. I wish I had a list like this. And that things has moved across the country with you so many times!

  5. haha i love it. kinda makes me want to dig out my list…
    and hey, at least Noah and Santa both have big, white beards. Can’t blame her for that mix up.

  6. I loved this entry, and your handwriting. Motorcycles are freakin’ awesome, but maybe it’s the naivete from not having children yet speaking. I went to FL with my dad and it. was. AWESOME.

    I’m thinking hubby and I are going to start planning a trip to Macchu Picchu for sure… just not sure how that’s gonna work out considering it costs money….

  7. Love this! Looks like you accomplished a lot of it:) animal shelter definitely. Motorcycles, yikes! They always make me nervous when they fly by on the highway. How’s the weather?

  8. Elise Semonian says:

    I love your blog! As usual, you made me laugh, particularly that Santa comment. Serving at a soup kitchen reminded me to appreciate all I have, and my husband’s good cooking. Pre-kids, I got a motorcycle jacket and helmet so I could ride on the back of my husbands bike. But, there is NO WAY I would get on one of those now (or a rollercoaster!). But, my husband commutes to work every day with one since it is so much less expensive. We figure his commute in the early am and early pm is not as dangerous. I just make sure to pay his life insurance bill on time.

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