Things I’ve Learned this Weekend

– If you spend the week cooped up behind a computer screen, the moment you spend any time outside you might develop a slight sore throat. Furthermore, it will disappear overnight. Random.

– Friday night I learned that humans can sneeze in their sleep. Before calling it a night I peeked in on Kara and cleared her bed of a million toys she usually drags in there. Then, without any warning whatsoever, she sneezed on me but stayed soundly sleeping. Bizzare. Also, a jerk move.

– My husband and I will never have similar body temperatures. I typically go to bed with sweatpants, t-shirt and a sweatshirt, whereas he will only wear basketball shorts. Furthermore, I bundle up under covers, and he forgoes even the thinnest sheet for the majority of the night. Makes me chilled just thinking about it.

– When I casually mention to my husband that I would love to have my maternity clothes out of storage, this will mean that I will see all of the random baby boxes in said storage and demand they be brought into the house as well. Leaving my dining room, looking like this:



– I saw a very gross Taco Bell commercial last night saying that the Crunchy Beef Burrito is back. Layers of ground taco beef, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, rice, and a very spicy "flaming hot Fritos" all in a tortilla shell. Fritos?? In a taco bell burrito?! Is that really necessary? Who thinks of this stuff?!

– My nemesis will always be unopened bags of cereal. I cannot open these things for the life of me, and always end up cutting the bag at awkward angles. I really shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen.

– Comments and blog posts from complete strangers can bring me to tears in a quickly embarrassing time.

– Mentally prepping yourself for a run/gym visit is tiring when you don’t know which way it will go. I’m staying optimistic, and am willing to even get out in the rain. Luckily I have a few more hours before I’m available to do so, hopefully this won’t leave me with yet another lesson learned.

What have you learned this weekend?

Are you always cold?

When is the last time you had Taco Bell??

Things I’ve Learned this Weekend

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned this Weekend

  1. I have learned that a newly toilet-trained child really can’t clean up after herself (even if SHE thinks so) and that half a roll of toilet paper isn’t enough for her to adequately wipe herself but it IS enough to clog the toilet and cause a huge disaster.

    I used to be cold a lot. Now I have hot flashes. It’s kind of nice except for when it’s not.

    I haven’t had TB since the 90’s. Really.

  2. I learned this weekend (once again!) that hydration is key! My silly calves are more sore tonight then they were after the 50 miler simply because I am dehydrated.

    I am freeeezing the majority of the day. I drink a lot of hot tea and love hot stingy showers.

  3. I am always cold, too! We have the same bedtime patterns here. 🙂

    Hmm, I learned that a tantrum-filled morning can still turn out to be a lovely day!

  4. I am always cold and my hubby is always warm. The best gift my hubby gave me this Christmas was a mattress pad cover warmer. We each have our own control (he never uses his). I turn mine on a half hour before bed and by the time I go to bed, it’s nice and toasty. I love it! Much better than an electric blanket. You should try it:)

  5. runforwine says:

    I like the layout. Inspiring me to quit putting off doing the same thing on my blog. Always cold. It’s a constant struggle in my house to accommodate both of us. I’m kinda hoping I get overheated during this pregnancy so my poor husband can catch a break.

  6. I’m cold and Allan is hot so I’m usually the one uncomfortable during the day and he just has to sleep without covers if he gets hot at night.

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