Thankful Thursday

Please don’t disown me for blogging twice in a day Smile 

The day was too awesome to not share.

– Dump trucks finally made their way to the house today. They weren’t able to make it last week due to the snow storm and two weeks without trash pick up was insane.

– We are still a one car family for the time being, and I am extremely thankful that we somehow make this work! However… since I was home today, all I wanted to do is bake bake bake [specifically banana bread and more GF Oreos]. Yikes.

– While doing laundry earlier I not only breezed through it, but all of the socks matched up, and I didn’t have to add to our missing sock box. It’s the little things in life.

– I typically don’t have to worry about getting the kiddo the necessary health food throughout the day, and today was no different. She insisted she try my hummus, and then spent the next 15 minutes dipping the same carrot into the hummus, licking the hummus off and shouting “YUMMY HUMMMMMUSSS!!!!!” Score. I will gladly share hummus with my little quadruple-dipper.


– Every Thursday Husband has some Leader’s thing [he’s told me the exact name about a million times but I forget] and gets off of work two hours early. Granted, its rare that he’s home *that* early, but him coming home at 4ish is so nice. Dinner gets done early, bath time is done early, and we just get to ‘be’ for that much longer.

– I am extremely thankful for gluten free pasta. I had a sudden craving urge for fettuccini alfredo, and that wouldn’t be possible without some pasta that agrees with me.

– Thankful that my husband’s work is exactly 2 miles from my front door. This means instead of sitting on my butt tomorrow, I can run/walk him his lunch and run/walk back home.

– That bath time is “daddy’s thing”. Just spending 30 minutes in relative quiet allows me to decompress. If you’re a Mom, you get this.

– Forecast calls for a ‘mostly sunny’ day with a high of 44. Need I say more!?

Thankful Thursday

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Glad you had such a great day! Is it wrong to do more than one post in a day? I’ve done that before. Sometimes, you just have share more stuff with your blogger friends:)

  2. Have you tried “Shar” Brand gluten free pasta? Kind of expensive but the best GF pasta out there… by a long shot.

    When we were stationed at China Lake in the Mojave desert I had my son (1 year old) and gave birth to my twins there…my hubs worked less than a mile away. It was really nice to have him home at a decent hour (when he was not deployed) I am so glad to hear that you have a similar circumstance. It’s nice to have a little support at the end of the day, especially with your newest addition.

  3. I always feel great when I can get my toddler to eat healthy foods. Some days, it is a struggle but she absolutely loves HUMMUS. So, I can usually sneak it in with crackers, avocados and/.or cucumbers!

    And yes, I love the days when my husband is home early enough for bath-time! Just nice to have some time to sit or focus on one task. Great post, I need to remind myself to keep a journal of things I am thankful for!

  4. I’m jealous that bath time is your husband’s thing. My husband helps me, but if he has to do it on his own, holy martyrdom, haha.

  5. Love those pics of your sweet girl! My daughter loves hummus, too. And bathtime is daddy’s job in our house as well… actually, as soon as dinner is over, it’s daddy time til bedtime (not that we can’t all 3 hang out, but he knows he’s “on”). I think this downtime makes me a much happier mom!

  6. Where do all the single socks go? I want to do a whole post where I post pictures of my single socks and hope maybe someone has another single that matches up to it and wants it. Why can’t we just throw the singles away after a while?

    I LOVE GF pasta. I just got a ‘shipment’ of 12 bags of the Tinkyada brown rice fusili (seriously the best GF pasta I’ve ever had) from Amazon. I’m stocked up for a long time! But it was so much cheaper to buy 12 bags at once and have it delivered to my door than buying one bag at a time locally.

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