So Happy I Could Dance


Please don’t think I look this ‘special’ when I dance… Maybe I do. Either way… just read the post.

You guys!

Long story short: I’m paranoid, its ok to continue running; also, I need maternity pants.

Long winded explanation: So, for those of you not familiar with military doctors, its possible that going into the OB route during pregnancy, you could see a different doctor with every appointment. I have, and today was no different. Today I met with an amazing doctor that I only wish I could continue seeing! She definitely heard me out – my concerns, what alarmed me, etc. I also told her that I’m a runner, and would like to continue to do so, but only if she came to the same conclusion.

The past three days I have been envisioning having to call my husband at work, begging him to come to the hospital because they were admitting me, or that I was going to be on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I would be lying to you if I also said that thoughts about running weren’t my mind. What would I do? Would I be allowed to swim? Could I take long walks? Of course those thoughts were miniscule over the worry I had about our son. What is going on!? Is he trying to come early? Why is this pregnancy so much harder than the first??

Again, enter amazing doctor. First things first – the pains are technically contractions. It is absolutely nothing to be alarmed about unless they grow stronger in frequency and happen more than once every ten minutes; or if I show other signs of labor [bleeding, etc.]. She explained that with second/third/etc. pregnancies, your body shows signs of ‘knowing what to do’ earlier in the game. This is why with Kara, I felt like “this” at 8-9 months, and with my current pregnancy, “this” is happening at the 6-7 month mark. She “wholeheartedly encourages that I continue my running” [her words] and to just listen to my body. Also recommended was upping my fluid intake and just resting when I can. Noticing that I am still wearing my regular jeans/belt, she also mentioned that maybe I feel so ‘squished’ because I’m not yet in maternity pants. This makes sense to me, and I think I’ll have Husband dig into storage for those…

I am definitely breathing a bit easier now. Thanks for the words of encouragement – it definitely helped, knowing that I wasn’t the only person on Earth that had ever experienced this! Once again, my blogging buddies help put me at ease. Smile

If you need me, I’ll be 1) scarfing down Sloppy Joes 2) planning a celebratory running route for tomorrow 3) at our running group’s first CHAPTER meeting, which is super exciting!! This means we’re not only a nationally recognized group, but now we’re getting requests from different military communities/cities to have local chapters. Love it.

Are you a pessimist, or optimist?

What was your good news for the day?

Do you like Sloppy Joes? [I may or may not judge you based on your answer. Here’s a link for my Canadian/global friends]

So Happy I Could Dance

12 thoughts on “So Happy I Could Dance

  1. Such a cute photo! Yay! Glad you are able to hop back to it. I remember those days of random different military docs during pregnancy. I can’t tell you how many were there *just* for my first (24+ hour) labor. GAH!!!

  2. So glad to hear your doing OK. I remember feeling all of the same things you are feeling while pregnant. Hang in there Natalie.. your super tough for continuing to run, it’s hard enough just being pregnant.

  3. runforwine says:

    So basically what I got out of this post is that I could be an OB because this was my exact diagnosis. Very happy your fears were eased. Nothing like this kind of paranoia-worst-case-scenario stuff. The other day Google had me convinced I was in pre term labor. I like this doctor. I wish you could keep seeing her too.

    I try to look on the bright side of things but I’m also a cynic so I don’t know. I guess it depends on the day. As evidenced in my blog post today. And I would love to get together with you. Maybe we can do a walk if the sun ever comes out….

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