Snow Day #3


I hesitate to call it an actual snow day – conditions were much better and snow was falling all day due to rapid melt. Washington has been declared a State of Emergency, and I believe we’re under a flood watch until Sunday.  Thousands are still without power, and when you don’t know if am 150 foot tree is going to survive the night or end up in your living room, you tend to be on high alert. While I grew up in Ohio and we had our fair share of crazy snow storms, I have never been a part of this kind of ice storm, and hope we never have to endure this again.

We were so incredibly lucky. Our power did nothing but flicker once, while thousands are still without power. I pray that their power is restored quickly, and that things get back to normal soon. I would also like to take this time to commend Joint Base Lewis-McChord on doing everything they could to keep their Soldiers and residents informed. Facebook and Twitter were updated with phone numbers, weather information, power outage information, and now they are posting about when people should [tentatively] expect power back. The post also set up numerous ‘warming centers’, in which they welcomed residents to stay – they have cots, internet, hot showers; basically everything you would need. Post hotels were also offering a discounted rate to Soldiers and their families; I think at $33. Compared to the $179 I heard hotels in town charging, that is a steal.

Anyway, onto the daily tidbits. Smile If you’re new to the blog, please don’t think this is the norm… the past few days we have been snowed in, so I have had nothing ‘[nothing’ meaning ‘running’ or ‘big life event of which justifies documentation’] to blog about but still needed an outlet. Winking smile

– By 9 am, husband had declared me weird. Pfft. He didn’t even give me time to warm up.

– Had a heated debated with my daughter about the name of one of her stuffed animals. She lost, even though she won’t admit it. His name is Mittens, and I would know because I named it when I was FIVE.

– Decided I’m going to take up bird watching. The neighbor whose backyard we back up too… our backyards face each other… however you phrase that…. has plenty of bird feeders and birds are flocking to them like the world is about to end. They’re gorgeous and I’ve never sat down to notice them before.


– I told my husband that I’m lucky he married me without having to be snowed in with me, or else we might not have gotten married… he didn’t respond.

– Got some work done.

– Made pretzels. Well, more so, my husband made them, and I got tired of rolling the dough out for them, so I decided I wanted nuggets instead. Amazing decision. I await the gluten gluttony repercussions.


– Showered. [you’ll notice this wasn’t on my list for other days…]

– Took pretzels to the neighbors since they let me use their yeast for said pretzels.

– About died walking down the driveway because it started to get slick out. Quickly ruled out a run.

– Realized I never did get around to making those Oreos, glanced at the recipe and noticed the dough needed an overnight chill. whoops. Good thing I have two more days of weekend.

– Announced I was going to the gym tomorrow. My first outing in 4 days. Plus, I’m anxious to see what the warming center looks like!

– Started making one of my all time favorite dinners – meatloaf, with Rudy’s Sause. Seriously. So good.

– Debated on making the Oreo dough… numerous times.

– Got into another heated debate about Mittens.

– Made an Excel sheet of various treadmills and their prices, and different financing options I can get through AAFES. [the military ‘warehouse’]

Found a GF Oreo recipe that didn’t require chilled dough. Made it immediately.

– Realized, once more, that I really suck at baking. The recipe called for a total of 28 sandwich cookies. I made 10. “1 inch ball of dough” screwed me over yet again.


– Plopped down on the couch to watch Storage Wars with my husband.

If there was one thing you could eat daily without having to pay for it [monetary or calorie wise] what would you indulge in?

Have you ever seen a hummingbird in the winter?

Snow Day #3

4 thoughts on “Snow Day #3

  1. Brrr…. Did I know you grew up in Ohio? have we discussed this before? So did I! Delaware, OH- just north of Columbus.

    Hope it clears up for you guys sometime soon! But enjoy the downtime until then!


  2. Ice storms are the worst. My husband HATES being snowed in with me, I’m like a caged animal…but like one of those tigers at the zoo that won’t stop pacing. That’s me. 🙂

  3. I have seen a few birds in our backyard too. It surprises me since it’s so cold. Those pretzels look yummy:) how did the Oreos taste? Whenever the recipe says it makes a certain amount of cookies, I always end up with half of that! Oh well. Happy the snow is melting!

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