Snow Day #2

Cabin fever has officially set in. We went to bed last night knowing that my husband would have another snow day, but what we didn’t know is that we were going to wake up to a layer of ice over the fallen snow, with sleet falling from the sky. Conditions are much worse than yesterday, and our power flickered on and off once this morning already. We’ve lost a smaller tree in the backyard [about a 20 footer] but compared to the enormous pine trees along the lake that’s nothing! Anyway… in effort to not lose my mind from being so sedentary [I have zero motivation to work out in this setting] I will walk you through my day. GOODY!!!!

– Kiddo woke up, but husband declared he would take over, allowing me to sleep in until 830. I was ecstatic, and it felt amazing to get some extra slumber.

– I put in Ice Age in the DVD player. My daughter chose the movie, which is ironic, because now literally everything I look at is covered in snow. *sigh*

– My husband reads upcoming changes to the AR-670-1 to me out loud.

– I took pictures of fallen tree branches.


– I made my husband play 20 questions… 47 times. By the way, his favorite numbers are ‘all of them’, he would like to someday live in ‘his house’ and if there was one thing he could change about me, he would ‘get me an indoor hobby’. I don’t know what led him to say that.


– Facetimed with Kara’s little boyfriend back in Ohio Smile 

– Ate a frozen Snickers bar.

– Started watching Renovation Realties and I Hate My Kitchen on HGTV instead of dipping into our Storage Wars stash. We agree that for the sake of our marriage we will never do a huge DIY project, like building a staircase or remodeling the kitchen.

– Also, I’m pretty confident that I can build an entire house from scratch, with my own two hands.

– Had a minor heart attack, because of this:


This was super scary; since just ten minutes before they fell, Husband was out there with a neighbor, clearing the branch from earlier. Plus, Kara was napping. The second I saw snow falling I ran into Kara’s room and threw myself over her. I didn’t know if anything would crash through or not, and in retrospect I should have just grabbed her and left the room… either way, she slept through the entire thing. It definitely switched my view from ‘Ooooooooh I have bad cabin fever, this is boring’ to ‘oh shit [but I am still bored]”. Somehow everything fell straight down and didn’t even touch the house. Needless to say, I am definitely going to church on Sunday.

– Switched over to House Hunters International and cursed the people looking at a house in St. Croix… with a $1.3 million budget.

– Saw a snow plow go by for the first time during this whole extravaganza… at 5 pm…

– Inexplicably panicked the entire 15 minutes my husband was in the shower.

– Declared myself officially cranky at around 545.

– At around 7 pm I started craving Oreo’s. Which is really weird, because I haven’t had them in almost a year. Luckily I found a GF recipe online, so if we have power tomorrow I’ll make those.

– Watched Jersey Shore. Hopefully we also get to watch NY Ink and some Storage Wars.

– Published this blog post because I want to get it out there in case we lose power. *sigh*

What do you do when you lose power?

Do you have any indoor hobbies that save you from boredom?

Snow Day #2

8 thoughts on “Snow Day #2

  1. We lost power yesterday and we just sat around with candles lit. Luckily I had a crock pot meal already done so we had dinner by candle light. We turned our gas fireplace on for warmth and the boys played outside in the snow. Luckily it came back on after a couple of hours! Thank goodness the trees didn’t touch your house. Phew!

    1. YAY for power coming back on!!!! We talked about how if we ever live in this area again [it is a huge contender for retirement] that we HAVE to have a fireplace. No questions about it.

  2. Wow! That branch came close! so glad to hear that everyone is safe. My hubs is still stuck out there! So it must be bad.
    Last year, here in Northern VA. we had a few weeks of snow like this and being stuck in. It was terrible…like putting a cheetah in a cage. Wish I had some words of wisdom…but quite frankly, being stuck in the house sucks! Hang in there lady

  3. Trees falling is one of my biggest fears when we’re at my in-laws, they live in the woods. Crazy! Glad everything was okay. I would be going stir-crazy, too. Curious how those gf oreos were, if you got around to it!

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