Snow Day #1

Snow. Snow. Snow. Where was this on Christmas!?

We lounged around all day, with my husband catching up on sleep from staff duty the night before.

When the house finally woke up, we decided to go out and play in the snow Smile Well, they played in the snow, I watched and took pictures from the driveway/front steps.





Two different dinners were served last night; a pork tenderloin with mac’n’cheese for the husband, and a thrown together quinoa/mushroom soup for me. Kiddo ate her fair share of pork but spit out the mac’n’cheese. What kind of kid doesn’t like mac’n’cheese?? Anyway, that warmed us right up and we finished the night with a big bowl of ice cream and our favorite shows. Here at the house we love Modern Family. We also really like Last Man Standing, mainly because the main character [Tim Allen] reminds me of my dad… the writing is hilarious and the actors really click well together, which is a huge change from the first two episodes of the season. Another guilty pleasure we have is Storage Wars. I know. I know. We literally have 15 shows of it on our DVR at any given moment, and I imagine we’ll be watching them all soon.

We got word around 10 pm that my husband wouldn’t have to go into work, so I stayed up a little longer watching mind numbing shows like Housewives of Beverly Hills and Family Guy. Days like today make me really want to invest in a treadmill though, because not even yoga sounds enticing right now.

What do you do during a snow day?

Do you get cabin fever easily?

Does your kid like mac’n’cheese?

Snow Day #1

11 thoughts on “Snow Day #1

  1. My hubs is there right now and can’t get out…Seatac closed?? OY We want him back here in VA. Hope your enjoying a little snow time..your pictures are adorable and food sounds yummy. Be safe!

  2. Yes, I have cabin fever right now. The kids have been off of school now for 4 days straight and they are driving eachother (and me) nuts! The snow is starting to lose its wonder and fun for them:( We love Storage Wars by the way. My kids both like mac n cheese but they like 2 different types:( never easy is it? Enjoy the snow and your hubby’s day off!

  3. You know, I thought we would get along in real life, but then you have QUINOA instead of mac and cheese. It’s like I don’t really know you.

  4. runforwine says:

    Hell no. I kind love it when I get stuck inside for a few days. I’ts God’s way of forcing me to chill. I’m catching up on my DVR right now too (currently watching Top Chef)

    I hope your doing ok. Our power just went out. I figured it would happen at some point. Still nice and cozy though 🙂 I’m sure by tomorrow afternoon things will be significantly bettter. Tomorrow morning will be back because it will freeze again tonight. Welcome to PNW 🙂 It’s only for a few days though.

    1. I hope you’re hanging in there lady!!! I agree, it is a good way to force down time. I thought about deep cleaning the house… but I think I can do that tomorrow…

  5. It’s the great white north! And in Toronto it never snows enough to have an “official shut down the city snow day”. So here on snow days I shovel the white stuff while the kiddos nap and then take them out in the stroller to walk the dog, and then play in the white stuff.
    Now, when I lived in NFLD, we had serious snow, and serious snow days(where everyone had the day off!). I usually walked over to my BFs (now my husband) and we would drink endless hot chocolate and order take out from the curry place.

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