Staff Duty Ramblings, Vol. 4… maybe 5?

Did I ever even explain to you what Staff Duty even is?? From 0830 one day to 0830 the next, my husband and two other Soldiers [I think] have to go around and make security checks around the various buildings they’re in charge of. They also make notifications and phone calls to the appropriate people, if they need too be [weather warnings, for example]. Staff Duty goes one of two ways – its either super boring or insanely busy; neither of which I get details, which depresses me because I love a good story.

Anyway, no matter what unfolds for my husband, the same thing always happens here at the house. We’re left to our own devices to keep entertained, and I try to change it up every time. Tonight we Skyp’ed with my parents, we did the bath thing, then hung out until her bedtime. She usually sleeps horribly when daddy is gone, so I try and make the night as easy going as possible.

So yeah, how was that for a good ramble?! Shall I continue?

– The delicious gluten free pizza I had for dinner tonight is giving me insane heartburn. That is not even fair.

– Are people as depressed/sad/lonely/pathetic as their Facebook status/Tweets imply? Is it for show? Are you seriously like that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

– I typically watch mind numbing shows at bed time, but for some reason, tonight I have opted for mind warping ones like Forensic Files and 48 hours. Ah yes. I am not getting much sleep tonight.

-  Feeding the fish tonight, I made the mistake of glancing at the ingredients in their food. Wheat flour, gluten meal, MSG, fish meal… what the crap!? I actually feel bad for these little guys.

– It is almost 10 pm and it has yet to start snowing, and they keep pushing the tentative time back. *sigh*

– Are your dogs as neurotic as mine? My husband is gone for 24 hours, and they refuse to eat/drink/get off the couch. As I type this from bed, Dieter alternates from staring at me from the opposite corner of the room, or pacing the hallway.

– Did you know it is possible for a two year old to make you feel completely inadequate? Observe.

Kara: “Mommy. Where does Daddy come from?” // Me: “Um… well, he’s from Texas”

“Mommy. Where do trucks come from?” // Googling ‘peterbilt’: “Well, it seems like they’re from Denton, Texas”

“Mommy, where did our car come from?” // A dealership… in Texas

“Where does rain come from?” //Well… the clouds? // What are clouds? // Those white fluffy things in the sky // What is the sky? // The big blue thing that planes are flying in.

Me, upon putting the milk jug down in frustration because I can’t open it after my husband put a vice grip tight closing on it: “Kara, I can’t do it.” // “Oh dear. Well… you better figure it out.”

“Kara, please eat your carrots” // exasperated with me: “I CAN’T. I’M PLAYING MY VIOLIN.” [her ‘violin’ was a set of markers]

“Mom, what is the letter ‘O’? // “Well, that’s exactly what it is – a letter. Just like ‘K’, ‘M’ and ‘H’. // “but… WHY?”

I obviously need to brush up on my skills if this kid is ever going to stand a chance.

Ok. I promise to be more entertaining in my next post. See what happens when I’m not able to run?

Staff Duty Ramblings, Vol. 4… maybe 5?