Making Do

lazy puppies, kiddo and dad doing who knows what, and the typical ice cream picture

Hello!! I have to make this quick, because I plan to actually be a housewife today [i.e., laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting] and I have yet to get started… The 4 day weekend was spent lazily lounging, and it felt amazing. We’re at the point in the year were my husband has a slew of weird 4 day vacations after the Christmas Break – its so nice to see him so often! As I type this though, he has dreaded staff duty, which means we probably won’t see him until Wednesday night, and at that point he’s just so fried that I send him to bed early after a quick dinner.

Our poor daughter is going through ‘detox’ – we go from a house full of FUN people, and then all of a sudden she’s left alone with boring old mom, ha! I’m doing my best by having a play date and Disney day, but she’s very much a busy body so I don’t expect her to cooperate for long. I also don’t have the car, which makes it a little harder, but we will make do!


It has been snowing non stop here, and I know my family will be shocked to hear it, but I LOVE it. It is so pretty, and breathing in the crisp winter air is just so invigorating and refreshing. I have realized, however, that I need to invest in better cold weather gear. The running gloves I have are some that my brother got me for Christmas, almost 10 years ago; and a few of my base layers are just as old. Maybe I really shouldn’t be admitting this to a whole bunch of internet strangers… Smile

Unfortunately the only chance I would get to run today would be dragging the stroller out, but I don’t think snow is melting enough at this point to do so. If it gets warm enough I might get away with doing loops in the street, but we’ll see. Again, have to make do. Winking smile I do plan on getting my yoga on once the kid goes down, so I at least will get these lazy bones moving at some point.

After the crazy snow we encountered at Fort Sill last year, we considered getting a treadmill once we got to Fort Lewis. That plan quickly fell by the wayside when we got here and realized the weather is pretty much perfect for running year round. Times like these I wouldn’t mind having a treadmill around, especially when I’m car-less and would like to just zone out during Kara’s naptime. With that said, I really do NOT want to become dependent on one again; only to sit on the sidelines for a couple of weeks thanks to an IT Band angered by my switch from only treadmill running to road running.

I have this conversation with myself every winter. Except now I get to not only torture my husband with this talk, but you’re subjected to it as well!

Ok y’all, the fun is over and and its time for me to bake cookies and watch Young and the Restless tackle some dishes. Have a great Tuesday!

Making Do

3 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Cookies and Y&R!
    I can’t run on a treadmill, it just feels too weird. I dream of a really nice at home elliptical, I would do so much more exercise if I had one, but theres the problem of cost and location (I want to watch TV, but, do I really want this giant piece of equipment in our Rec Room (the only place we have a tv?). Maybe a few years from now when I’m back at work.

    I run in the winter, and was just thinking today how much I love my running gloves, they are from lululemon, they have little slits in the index finger and thumb (so I can change music) and this little mitten part that I can slide over the fingers. They’re great. I like all my winter lululemon running gear.

  2. My husband got me a treadmill for Christmas and I find it really helps give me another training option when I can’t get outside for a run. I try to mix it up with outside runs too. I think as long as you mix it up with outside runs, you should be okay.

  3. Good luck getting the household chores done. I’m tackling the same since I am stuck inside too! Fortunately for me, my kids can play outside in the snow by themselves which helps when cleaning:) Enjoy the snow!

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