Busy, Busy, Busy

This past week was insanely busy. I know I tend to fall off the grid when things gets nuts, but I promise I’m trying to make blogging more of a priority! Plus, even though I had plenty going on, it was your typical boring housewife stuff and not really worth mentioning [in my opinion Winking smile] although we DID get new couches. I promise I’ve been skimming reading your blogs as well, I just haven’t commented. *sigh* Life is rough, no?

We’ve had the pleasure of Husband’s brother [K] and K’s girlfriend [T] visiting us for the weekend, and as always it is a complete blast! We’ve done our fair share of watching a ton of football [well… a ‘ton’ for me, I never watch it but managed to watch maybe a full game combined over the weekend] and when we weren’t eating our weight in snacks and bbq, we did our fair share of goofing around.


But of course, I couldn’t look outside without being coerced to run by the falling snow… so I just had to get out there. The snow was really coming down earlier in the day, but I waited until it was warm enough to melt some, so I knew I wouldn’t be gambling with icy conditions. It started snowing again as I began my run – it was so peaceful and invigorating; there’s nothing quite like running in the snow! Luckily the snow wasn’t sticking and it was fairly slushy so I knew it was fine to continue on. With that said, I only did a two mile jaunt, but it was a run nonetheless.


The rest of the night will be spent lounging, eating, and just enjoying the four day weekend. We’re supposed to have snow until Tuesday, so hopefully there will be more opportunities to run in the snow more! Happy running!

Busy, Busy, Busy

9 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. I’m putting together a “fort kit” for my niece for her 4th birthday next month.. I know she’ll love it! The snow is pretty, btw. While I don’t miss the crazy cold temps, I DO miss snowy runs.

  2. I’m impressed. I was too wimpy to run in it. But in my defense, our sidewalks weren’t shoveled. Knowing me, I would have slipped and cracked my head open. Sounds like you had a great weekend:)

  3. runforwine says:

    You don’t own anybody anything here. Blog when you can. I only ran two miles as well. The first half was wonderful, the second too slippery so I walked most of it. Better than nothing.

  4. We just moved south this summer, and while I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather right now, there’s something sweet about running in the cold and snow, and getting snowed in. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  5. Running in the snow is my favorite thing to do! I was bummed I couldn’t do too much last year b/c I was pregnant for some of the winter and then was worried about slipping, hurting myself, and not being able to take care of my newborn =) Sounds like a great weekend!! Glad you managed to get a run in!

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