Running Momma’s

Lately I have been changing my Google Reader a lot. Unfortunately, I had to delete a few blogs from it, because I don’t feel as though I have much in common with the substance anymore. I don’t mean to offend, honest. Isn’t that why we’re all in the blogging world though? Someone’s internet ramblings have hit a certain part of our brain that has said, “WOW. You are just like me. I think I’ll read more about you!!” or “Dang. You are so inspiring, teach me your ways!!!” There’s always the “You are a bumbling idiot and I need to pass time on my lunch break with your idiotic nonsense”… but I promise I don’t follow any of those blogs. Winking smile

I’ve been noticing a trend in my additions though, and while I have a smattering of cooking and yoga blogs I’ll stalk never live up too, the majority of the new links are running moms just like me. Well, not JUST like me; but they are moms. Some stay home, while others work crazy hours; but they all manage to not only be amazing wives and mothers, but runners that inspire me on a daily basis.

So, without further ado, here is a list of running momma’s on my blog roll. I’m not going to mention which are new additions, because I am clearly late to some of those parties and I don’t want to embarrass myself. Smile

5 Miles Past Empty – I have followed Amanda for the longest time, and have even had the distinct honor of running with her. She is a complete blast, and made our long runs fly by!! She tells it like it is, is a triathlete and the epitome of ‘cool mom’. Army wife, from the South, and a Safeway cookie lover. All of that rules in my book!!

Chasing K[m]s – Whether its chasing down her kids or kilometers, this mom from Ontario runs races with her sister, posts “Music Mondays”, enjoys running ‘dates’ with her husband, and wants to enjoy every run she goes on in 2012.

I Run, Therefore, I Am –  A blog documenting the lives of twin sisters, Jessica and Jennifer. They’re both super speedy and have ties to the military. Jessica herself is in the Marine Corps, who is currently in Afghanistan; while Jennifer is a Marine Corps wife and mom to a very cute baby girl!

It’s a Dog Lick Baby World – Oh my goodness. If you want to laugh your butt off every time you read a blog entry follow this chick immediately. Not only is she fast, but she definitely captures the humor that some of us stay at home moms only wish we could. PS – she’s also un ultra runner.

Katie RUNS This – A brand new mommy getting back to the running scene after having her adorable son.

Livin the Fit Life – Ah yes, someone who lives in the Pac NW and understands my weather related running woes!! She stays home with her two boys, is always positive, and aims to do 12 races in 2012. Her husband also races, which is beyond cool to me!!

Mile Posts – I have been following Dorothy for quite some time. She and her husband have three kids, all under the age of 5. She stays home, yet always manages to find the time to focus on her running. And let me tell you, this girl is FAST. With a marathon PR of 3:13, Dorothy stays humble, is a hard worker, and continues to Dream Big. You definitely need to add her to your blog roll, I promise she won’t let you down! I consider her a friend, and her inspiration speaks volumes to me – even on the completely opposite coast!

(Mis)Adventures of the Johnson Jocks – Another very funny and real blog. Allison is a writer, Marine wife with THREE boys (and here I am, worrying about just one), who just finishing additional schooling, and is tackling races left and right.

Mommy, Run Fast! – I just found this blog. Literally, tonight. I know. I said I wouldn’t admit it, but I did. I really look forward to reading this blog. Not only is she a runner and a stay at home mom, but she focuses on nutrional eating, and instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle in her daughter. I can’t find an RSS feed button for her blog though… but I could be blind.

NYC Running Mama – A former Army Officer grew up playing a multitude of sports and held running dear to her heart during her 3 deployments to Iraq. Now her life has switched gears to being a stay at home mom to her son, AJ, and is currently doing a Push Ups for Patriots challenge with her FitFluential gals.

Pace of Me – I started following Jessica because of the name of her blog [well, amongst other things Winking smile]. I know that sounds silly, but I felt like I could relate. “Pace of Me. Exactly. I will run at that pace.” Reading her posts always bring a smile to my face – whether its kid related, running related, or crazy speed work sessions in the pouring rain with her sister. She’s also convinced me that I need to take Pilates, but I don’t think she knows that yet.

Pancake is Cute – A hardcore Texas runner. This mom will run endless loops around her neighborhood with the baby monitor in her pocket so that she can be close to home when her baby wakes up. Tackling the heat also isn’t an issue for her, because she will go out and do 20 milers at crazy hours in the morning, take her son to a museum, then blog about it. She makes it look effortless and always has helpful links to a running poseur like me.

Run Faster, Mommy – This single mom of two boys recently uprooted her life for bigger and better things. She has balls, determination, and deserves every ounce of peace she works so hard for. Very inspiring for moms out there everywhere.

Run Nadine Run – This funny Canadian is determined to keep her running regimen strong [and she does] but has her hands full as she juggles being a stay at home mom to twins. I honestly don’t know how she does it, because she makes it look so easy. Heck, with my ONE I find myself struggling to find time to pee.

RunEMZ – I began following this lovely lady right before she did her 24 hour [YES, 24 HOURS] treadmill run for charity, and I have read those recaps I don’t know how many times [um, also, they never fail to make me cry every single time]. Her hilarious posts give you a glimpse into her very blessed life. She also shares my love for Costco, and while she loves pickles I won’t hold that against her. Also, I want to have her abs.

RunWiki – I recently started following Lisa, but her blog has quickly become a new favorite. She’s the wife of a Navy diver, and a mom to three kids [which includes a set of twins (!!)]. She bakes gluten free, shares my affinity for coffee [we will reunite one day, *whimper*] and has a great sense of humor. Oh, almost forgot to mention, she is fast, people!

Shut Up and Run – Yet another blog I have been following for quite some time. I believe I started following Beth right before her injury, and I just couldn’t tear myself away from her blog, even if she wasn’t running. She kept her chin up, recovered, and is back at it. She is honest, and that is what really sealed the deal for me. While she doesn’t make every single post about running, she does make it count.

Ok, I *think* I have everybody. Its almost 11 pm, and I started this post about 3.5 hours ago… Needless to say with all of the interruptions and what not, people may have unfortunately fallen through the crack. Please don’t hesitate to give me a gentle nudge if you think I forgot you!! Either email me, or Tweet me. Smile

Running Momma’s

11 thoughts on “Running Momma’s

  1. Ha! You make me sound sooo much more impressive than I really am. And, you need to add yourself to that list. Military wife, mom to a toddler and soon a new baby, someone who makes her loss public, and then goes about healing in the most positive way, and a runner who braves horrible weather while pushing the stroller!!! Thanks for all the links, I’ll be checking them out. Also…shoot me an email if you want some help with your post partum marathon training.

  2. So glad we connected! I know what you mean about blog reading changing with time…I’m most inspired by those at the same stage of life, too. I look forward to checking out some of your other links, and following you as well! 🙂

  3. I LOVE this list — so many who I have also been reading a while and several who I am excited to check out. I totally relate to what you are saying – reading blogs written by women who are mothers who are running and balancing and dreaming and inspiring and striving … I am grateful to have you and these other virtual friends to connect with. thank you for including me in this list – i am truly honored :o)

  4. runforwine says:

    Great list. I’m checking a few out now!

    “someone who lives in the Pac NW and understands my weather related running woes”
    ……I’m surprised with this statement. I’ve always thought this is one of the best places to be a runner. There are only a few days of the year where you can’t run 24/7 without worrying about heat stroke or hypothermia. it’s a runners wet dream.

  5. Oh, thanks for this list. I’ve added these to my reader! I find I really enjoy reading mom, running blogs. I guess I feel like we can all relate and it is nice to know there are other moms who balance running, motherhood, work, etc. You should also check out Amanda’s blog at She is a fast running mama of three and her blog is so funny, inspiring, and honest!

  6. Oh my gosh! Thanks for including me! I enjoy reading many of the same blogs that you do too. And I totally get what you mean about no longer having things in common with blogs that you used to enjoy. I’m in the process of dumping as well. Sorry!!

  7. Thank you so much for including me in this, Natalie! I’m pretty new to blogging, so I’m happy you found me (and I found you!) I’m adding you to mine now!!
    And I agree – while I enjoy reading other blogs, I find I can relate SO well to what other moms have to say!!!

  8. I’m so excited to be on your list! I too tend to read about other running mommas too, I tend to prefer to read about “real people” and not websites that are super corporate (if that makes sense).

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