I Might Sound Like an Idiot but I’ll be Famous

But they often go hand in hand, don’t they?? Smile 

I digress.

So this morning I had my interview for the paper, and it was a BLAST. We all know [I’m sure many of you can relate] that I am in my element when I’m talking about running. I probably bored my poor interviewer to tears, but I just could not shut up about it. We talked about the history of the blog [which will be FOUR this month], military life, what I hope to accomplish with my running future [everything from coaching certifications to my ultra aspirations], and of course running during the pregnancy. I will admit I had to blush a little when she asked if I see myself as a ‘mentor’ to other pregnant runners, but I guess you can say that I hope I am. By no means am I [or was, or will ever be] an elite runner who has all of the answers – but I really do hope that someone reading my blog knows that you CAN continue to run while you’re pregnant! I am a firm believer in fitness, and keeping fit can only benefit you and the baby during the pregnancy and afterwards. Smile with the approval of a DOCTOR, btw.

I’m not very good at talking about myself [except for on the blog, because that’s what I’m supposed to do Winking smile ] and I wanted so badly to ask her questions about her life too! I tried not too though, because I’ve been in her boat before, but I had so much fun and it felt like I was talking to a friend. I promise that I don’t talk running ALL the time and there are other aspects of my life that I will talk to you about if we ever meet in real life.

We did a ‘photo shoot’ as well, which I managed to make super awkward, of course. While I was running I had about a million thoughts running through my head… I tried to focus on form and not smiling but also not looking too ‘game face’, but wait what about my arms and man I hope I don’t look like I’m walking [you guys know what I’m talking about]  and OH MY GOSH MY CLOTHES DON’T MATCH!!!! The photographer also wanted to take some pictures of me putting the running stroller in the car, which made my brain short circuit a little because we haven’t washed the poor thing in AGES. I doubt anyone but my husband would even notice it, but I’m beginning to think I’m too Type A for paparazzi. Good to know, just in case this interview catapults me into fame.

My stardom is set to run in the paper next Friday, and if it hits the web [my agent forgot to ask…… remind me to fire him later] I’ll definitely link you guys up.

ANYWAY, the kid is refusing to nap and we’re going on a walk with my security detail and some friends. I hope my neighbors will be ok with the attention I’m about to bring this nook of the Army post.


I Might Sound Like an Idiot but I’ll be Famous

9 thoughts on “I Might Sound Like an Idiot but I’ll be Famous

  1. Hey, congrats on the attention. I was interviewed by our local paper last year and I had the same fears about the photo! It turned out to be a really great picture. I’m sure you’re will be great too. Hope it’s online I can read it.

  2. How exciting! I just came across your blog… I ran through my pregnancy as well, and wish I would have had a blog like yours to read at the time, as I think everyone in my world thought I was crazy! 🙂 I hope to do the same if we have another baby… glad to have found you!

  3. I love your thoughts! Too funny. I realize everytime, once I arrive at my destination that my pants are filthy, my kids mouths are filtyhy(how do they get so dirty), my hair is gross, but, guess what, I’m out the door!

  4. sooooo — i am long overdue for my commenting on your blog miss natalie. i read it every day – get it sent to my inbox – and you always leave me smiling, feeling inspired and happy. i cannot wait to see this article and think it is just so totally cool that you were photographed and interviewed! yay!!!

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