I don’t know how many of you have food allergies/sensitivities and will be able to relate to what I’m talking about… but this morning I woke up feeling fuzzy, weak, and with a slight headache. Waking up the way I did this morning was such a blow to my morale – I thought for sure I would feel better. Though I had ZERO appetite, I decided to try and force some oatmeal into my system, and thankfully it worked.

The quintessential oatmeal picture. Won't happen again, promise.

After downing a huge bowl of it and slamming down 24 oz. of water in one sitting, I finally started to feel closer to normal. I really wish my body came with a “do not eat this” chart, because I honestly don’t think the food I had yesterday contained gluten. Again, I could be wrong – but at this point I have no idea. Like I said yesterday, I either am more sensitive than I thought, or there’s something else my body is starting to reject. Lovely!!

Following a morning full of work for me and play for the kiddo, I decided that after lunch digested a bit I would go ahead and tackle both days’ worth of yoga. Day 1 consisted of a 22 minute practice that was very calm, and is ideal for early morning, or before bedtime. We focused on breath a lot, and while there were some I couldn’t do because of the bump, I was able to manipulate the pose a bit to be comfortable and safe. Today’s practice was another calm practice, but required some balance. In this quick 12 minute session, you ‘went back to center’ a lot and did a series of bends and twists. I used a chair instead of a block for added stability, plus I’m a bad yogi and don’t have a block…

Some goings on around here –

She was ridiculously excited about this.


So, folded laundry and gummy bear vitamins. Nice.

*Sigh* Guess I’ll get back to work. I’m tentatively planning a run tonight, so we’ll see if that transpires. Thanks for sharing my excitement in the whole interview thing – I will post the link when I get it!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Semi-Normal

  1. One of my friends developed food sensitivities while pregnant, but they went away once she gave birth. Hopefully it’s just that!

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