Don’t You Just Hate it When…

You get all amped up for something and nature takes you in a completely different direction?

Exciting news first — I got an email earlier today from the official post newspaper wanting to interview me about running through my pregnancy. How cool is that!? They are *technically* my paper’s ‘nemisis’ but I cleared it with my editor already and the interview is set up for Wednesday! I’m giddy about it, is that weird? Its going to be different being on the ‘other side’ of the notebook Winking smile

ANYWAY, I’ve been looking forward to the 21 day Yoga Journal Challenge for weeks now. Reading back on the old posts got me pumped about the challenge, and I reminisced a bit about our time at Ft. Sill. The 3 mile loop, the crazy steep hill at All American Blvd., the second most demanding run of my life, trips to Oklahoma City, and the little natural health food store that I dearly miss. Hard to believe that a YEAR ago we didn’t even have official word that we would even be stationed at Fort Lewis!! That is downright bananas.

This morning was ordinary; research for work, play with the kid, yadda yadda, until lunch with a friend. I haven’t seen my friend since right after Thanksgiving so catching up with her was a blast – our husbands work together, so an added bonus was talking about what the guys have coming up, as well as plans for the Ball that we’re attending next month. [ps – military ball = me, 7 months pregnant, in heels. let that sink in for a second. it will be interesting.] But, I made the mistake of getting Chinese food. I will never learn. I always say I’m never going to eat Chinese again, and this time I mean it – and to think I tried to play it safe with vegetable fried rice!! My stomach is insanely bloated, it hurts to slouch [I know I shouldn’t be…], there are some unmentionable things going on, and the thought of getting some yoga in right now makes me queasy. I can’t help but think that 1) there was something glutenous [a term my husband likes to use so much] in my dish, or… 2) I have an underlying sensitivity to something else. If its #1, I am more sensitive to gluten than I thought, but if its #2, then I have some more issues to figure out. *sigh* I promise I’m not 92.

So there you have it. Day One of the Challenge is so far a big fat goose egg, but there is still time in the day. Who knows, you might have a recap of the day’s yoga anyway. I know the sequence is meant to be a gentle morning sequence, which means I might yoga-fy my bones before bedtime. Until then, enjoy some pictures the kiddo took at lunch!


she’s  a foodie already.


born to be a blogger – look at all of those self portraits!

Don’t You Just Hate it When…