I’m Probably Overthinking This

I sit here at 840 pm on a Friday night, with both the toddler and husband in bed. Staying true to the night owl I am, these other two had quite an eventful day. My husband woke up at 4something for an early PT test, while our daughter was up during various hours of the night, AND she only had a 40 minute nap. Typically, I know the zero sleep/zero nap combination results in meltdown after meltdown, but this kid has been a doll the entire day. She was the prime example of ‘perfect toddler’ while driving around, attending a ceremony for work, and putting up with mommy logging some hours at the computer. This equation also meant I couldn’t run today, but I am ok with that. My legs didn’t feel any different than what they usually do, and I think my “A” goal this weekend will be to get in a 7 miler, and whatever pace. See? I told you I would come around Winking smile

I will say this though, the majority of 2011 I had a training plan staring back at me, which makes for a very weird feeling now that I’m “just” running. I would like to stick with my ‘longer’ run once a week, but I don’t really know where to draw the line at that or when I should stop that completely. Again, my body will dictate that for me; and the second anything feels odd I make the call home. I never used to run with a cell phone, but I do now that I have a kid, and especially now that I’m pregnant.

So I’ve been throwing around some ideas. Its no secret that the ever elusive marathon is something I have had my eye on for a couple of years, and that I want to use it as a stepping stone into ultras. I’m kind of ‘thinking out loud’ for my time line here, but any input/advice/perspective would be greatly appreciated. Smile

07 May – DUE DATE. As anyone with a uterus is aware, I know the baby can be early [my prediction] or the baby can be late. I’m setting this time line based off of a 21 May date, since most doctors will induce you by the time you’re 42 weeks. Yes I realize I’m buying myself time this way, but honestly, if this is going to be my first ever marathon, I’m going to go into this healthy and prepared – not with my innards dragging on the floor behind me.

02 July – This is my tentative date in which I should be getting my ‘all clear’ from the doctor. With Kara, I think I ‘jogged’ around the block a couple of times at my 4 week mark. If I’m blessed enough to do this again, I will. But, again, I want to give myself wiggle room. Say I follow an 18 week beginner training schedule… this would mean my marathon would fall anytime on, or after…

05 November. Erasing the 2 week induction thing from earlier, I could also run one as early as 22 October. Wow. That is quite a ways away. This now brings me into the weather here in the beautiful Pac NW. My husband volunteered with our run group at the Seattle Amica Marathon in late November. It rained heavily the ENTIRE time. I know I cannot control the weather, and nothing is perfect, but I cringe at the thought of making this my first marathon. With that said, its guaranteed that anytime after September-ish, you can count on rain here. I’m *not* about to make this a destination race; the logistics of juggling a 3 year old and 6 month old make my brain hurt, and I’m the one running the marathon.

Does all of this make me sound like a bridezilla of sorts? Should I just say screw it all and see how I feel after having the baby? I know race day conditions are not up to me. Things can happen before, during and even after a race that will leave you feeling like you totally missed out on something that was supposed to be ‘your day’. I’m going into this with an open mind, I promise. I’m just rambling a bit at my own time line, and would LOVE input. I’m the student here, and I clearly don’t know what I’m doing.

Disclaimer – I am not an idiot. These dates are not set in stone by any means, and really they’re just dates to try and give me an idea of when I would like to pursue a marathon. If nature takes control and for some reason I’m just not able to do a marathon in 2012, then so be it. I love running, but my health comes first. I am also assuming that I will bounce back like I did after my first pregnancy, but no one is going to be able to make that call except for me and my doctor. So, before you go and use my crazy idea, check with professionals first.

What do you think, am I crazy for giving this so much thought?

Moms – how soon after giving birth did you run your marathon? Do you feel like you gave yourself enough time?

I’m Probably Overthinking This

13 thoughts on “I’m Probably Overthinking This

  1. Wish I could help out…but I have no idea 🙂 Except that you can run the HNL marathon in early December. It’s $55 to register right now. Make it a family vacation!

  2. I don’t have a uterus but i do know the importance of setting goals. It can’t hurt to register, however; review your game plan depending on how your body reacts to giving birth.

  3. runforwine says:

    Not crazy. I’m thinking about all the same things right now. I can’t really say much about the running post birth. I’m anxious about that part too. I will be taking advice from YOU on that!

    Seattle marathon: This was my first marathon a few years ago. I usually wouldn’t recommend it.. As you stated the weather can be a crap chute. I was lucky, but the likelihood of a cold blustery day is high. Also the course sucks. That said, if your just using it as a segue into ultras then what the hell. It’s your first so you wont be trying for a PR, just a finish. Also having it fall on Thanksgiving weekend sucks. I couldn’t really enjoy my indulgences knowing I was running a marathon in two days.

    You’ll be hitting a really shitty time of year for running. I’m due in July so I feel your pain here. There aren’t alot of options for us here.

    There is a new (two years now) marathon in Port Orchard. It’s not heavily advertised. It’s called Youkon Do It. It’s on New Years Eve and it’s cheap. It would be freezing cold, but if your going to be doing ultras you’ll have to learn to toughen up 🙂

    Good luck with these decisions. I understand your thought process 100% here.

    1. You. Are. The. BEST!!!! I originally thought of the Leavenworth Marathon, since the weather will be different and it’ll be earlier October… but the timing might not be right. Ugh, just the thought of the weather is making my cringe!! Just gotta push through it. Better than it being 90 and humid right?

  4. I ran the Seattle 1/2 in November a few years ago. No rain, just cold. I ran my first marathon 2 years after my 2nd child was born. I actually didn’t even start running until he was 1 1/2 . I say do Seattle if possible. I will be doing the half this year rain or shine(knock on wood)!

    1. That would be awesome to meet up, if I end up doing it!! My husband did say its much smaller than the Rock’n’Roll, which is a thumbs up in my book. Plus, the fact that its 45 minutes away is tempting… Good thing I have time!

  5. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I did 🙂

    June 1st: Popped out the kid (11 days late)

    6 weeks later: first run

    Mid-October: First race (10 miles)

    Mid-March: First marathon

    Could I have done it sooner? Probably. I think breastfeeding was a big factor for me. I didn’t have the energy to run far/fast while I was doing that. Also, running isn’t supposed to stress you, so pick a race that will give you MORE than enough time.

    1. Wow. You would think I was new at this. I totally forgot to factor in the breastfeeding factor. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Again, I wouldn’t mind holding out for a race that would make more sense, and combined with the nasty weather we have here throughout the winter, this really is a decision that is totally up in the air.

      … except I want to know NOW …

  6. You know, I think you are just going to have to play it by ear. Is that the right saying? It’s late, and I’m TIRED! Your body may feel great, and you may be ready to go after you have your little guy. Or maybe not. My babies didn’t sleep well those first few months of exclusive breastfeeding, and I was just too beat to run. If you haven’t already, you should check out “Mile Posts” and “Pace of Me” for some AWESOME post-baby running advice. They’ve got their acts together. Best of luck!!

  7. I like Kara’s advice of picking a race that really gives you enough time to recover so that ramping up the mileage doesn’t cause stress instread of relieve it. At the same time, I can understand wanting to run another marathon as soon as possible. Good luck!

  8. Ok — you are NOT crazy! Having had my third baby almost exactly a year ago (he will be 1 on Feb 2!!), this is all very fresh in my head.
    Being pregnant and running was HARD, but so so so so so worth it. I ran slow. I walked. A LOT. But I kept moving right up until he was born (at 41 weeks). I felt like a giant slug towards the end and was walking mostly, but I was moving my body.
    My 35th birthday was on April 10th and there was a 10 mile race here locally. I signed up for it when I was still pregnant and prayed that I would be able to complete 10 miles, not racing but without walking, when my baby was less than 10 weeks old.
    Returning to running after pregnancy was very humbling. It was very hard for me, but I didn’t give up. Trust me when I say there were many times I thought about it. Times when I thought it was too hard, I was frustrated and scared and felt defeated, but I kept going.
    I went for my first run – 1 mile – when he was 4 weeks old. I eased back into it very conservatively and put a training plan together for myself for the 10 mile race. I had about 5 1/2 weeks to train for it. I went slowly and went to see a sports chiro to make sure the aches and pains I was feeling were ok and that nothing was wrong. Because SO much hurt and I had a hard time deciding if it was the kind of pain I should push through, or if I would be causing injury by pushing through it. That helped me a lot – he assured me I was not broken and that everything I was feeling was ok.
    I trained for that race and ran all 10 miles without walking a step of it on my 35th birthday. It was wonderful!
    I continued to chip away with my running and by June was ready to start marathon training … and you know how that went! Shaved more than 54 minutes off my PR and nearly qualified for Boston when my baby was 9 months old. And now I am training again, still nursing him, and still learning how to balance it all.
    My advice — listen to your body. Seek the guidance and advice from others who have been through it, but do not compare yourself to others. Have faith. Don’t give up. Enjoy all that your amazing body can do! You are growing a human and soon you will be caring for him and holding him in your arms – you are a strong mother and an amazing example to your little ones and to mothers everywhere. Oh – and keep writing about it! You will really enjoy looking back on your journey and astounding yourself. You are beautiful!!
    Ok – enough babbling here :o) I have been meaning to write to you for so long and am finally just now getting around to it! I will try to comment more often so as not to leave entire novels on your blog :o)

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