Book Reviews, and Some Apps Too!

I am obsessed with the Nook. In the 10 days I have had it, I’ve read 3 books, leafed through numerous magazines, and have played endless games of Scrabble.

Stepping away from the norm, I decided to go ahead and review some books and apps that I have sitting in my lovely little Nook that my parents got us for Christmas. I am a huge bookworm, and since I had downtime during break I naturally read my fair share. I’m a big fan of the mystery/thriller genre, so the majority of these books are just that. I know one of my goals during pregnancy was to study running, but while I was vacationing I honestly wanted to veg and not have to think too hard. When I study something, I REALLY study it; take notes, highlight, etc. None of that happened on break, no sir. I also can ‘lend’ out these books if anyone is interested. Smile 

BOOKS [all free through the Barnes and Noble store]

Color Me Grey, by J.C. Phelps :: It tells the tale of Alexis Stanton and her foray into a new career which consists of secret missions and code names for employees. She’s tough, quick thinking and able to hang with the big guys; both physically and mentally. While I was kind of annoyed by how much she relied on her wealthy parents, this book was great to read and I look forward to getting the next few books. The author has potential, and I loved living vicariously through Alexis [I’ve always wanted to work for the government or private sector and do what she did].

The Next Ex, by Linda L. Richards  :: Whoa. I know I am easily entertained when it comes to books, but this one was pretty stellar. It was chock full of action, a dash of romance and plenty of ‘stay up until you’re done reading’ moments. Madeline Carter is a day trader living the life in California, when her landlord asks her to ‘coach’ a media moguls’ [Max Livingston] wife [Keesia Livingston]. Within a few weeks, Keesia is murdered in her own home; and each of Max’s ex-wives are turning up dead. With Madeline’s life being threatened everywhere she goes, she has no choice but to try and unravel the mystery herself – unveiling a dark and harrowing secret that has been locked away for almost 50 years.

Clouded Rainbow, by Jonathan Sturak :: This book broke my heart. It centers around a husband [Roger] who has it all – the loving wife [Lois], the rising career, and the buzzing social life. But when they are in a horrific car accident that sends them to two separate hospitals, Roger feels as though he has no choice but to find Lois himself. Disoriented and fueled by the love of his wife, his journey goes from escaping his hospital to being wanted for carjackings. I obviously won’t give away the ending, but if you want an easy, ‘root for the main character’ read, this is your book.


Scrabble :: Yes, we are 80 years old and pass the Nook around playing Scrabble while we lay in bed. For 99 cents, this is the perfect little timewaster. There’s numerous options for play; Single Player [you play the computer], Play a Random Opponent, Play with Friends [up to 4], or Pass ‘n Play [you and a friend]. Within the game, the app provides a dictionary, tile swaps, and ‘best word’. In this function, Scrabble will help you out and give you the best word option you can use on the board by using your letters. You only get so many of these a game though, so use them wisely.

KIDS APPS [all of which are .99 and were bought out of desperation minutes before the plane took off from Dayton]

Matching Zoo :: A simple matching card game where kids have to find animals. It’s also timed, so you can get Personal Bests, but I wasn’t too worried about that part. Kara’s only 2, and when we do this card game at home we only use 6 or 8 cards, so the 20 cards they had laid out [by default] was a little much for her. Still fun though.


Preschool :: This is a great app. Kids have the option to learn about anything from fruits and veggies to insects and sea life. In each section, you can learn which is which; or you can click the ‘play’ option and the app will ask you to point out each item. Obviously, there are some things Kara didn’t know [rhombus… !?] so she did need some help, but I would say she could maneuver about 80% of this app, mainly because she doesn’t know what an apricot is. [rolling. my. eyes.]

Puzzle for Toddlers :: I would guess that this was Kara’s favorite app. It is simple, very easy but still makes your kiddo think. She doesn’t need help with this one at all, doesn’t get frustrated, and the shapes/objects change frequently enough to where she isn’t bored 3 minutes into the games. These are also timed [an option you can turn off], and while the competitive mom in me knows her PR, I won’t be sharing that anytime soon. Ok, 27 seconds.

Book Reviews, and Some Apps Too!

One thought on “Book Reviews, and Some Apps Too!

  1. I have scrabble too! I play on the iPad, mr is not a scrabble guy, and it has totally improved my game, I won when I played my parents over the holidays!

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