When Life Trumps Running [and I’m ok with it]

We all know life gets crazy and sometimes you have to skip runs. If you’re anything like me, you then get irritable at the situation, because what you’re “doing” [errands, work, etc] is causing you stress and all you want to do is lace up the shoes and hit the pavement. But you can’t, so you get irritable and mopey; and the whole day is a wash.

Today I woke up fully intending to run. My run yesterday was invigorating and welcoming; being back on my home turf filled me with a renewed passion for my little hobby. As the morning progressed, I planned to make husband his lunch and run it to him with Kara in the stroller. Round trip this would be a 4 mile trek… easy right? Well, errands took WAY longer than expected this morning and I made it back with barely any time to even make his food – running it to him was totally out of the question.

No big deal right? I’ll run during kiddo’s naptime. She basically fell asleep on the short car ride home, so I opted to transfer her right to bed. There goes another hour or so with zero option. I also knew that once she woke up, we’d be going for frozen yogurt with a good friend of mine. Running seemed to be escaping from me, but I was totally cool about it. My friend and I talked about everything I had missed while I was on vacation; her adventure of a ‘babymoon’ [get away trip with her hubby before baby #2 gets here in February], and neighborhood gossip. Seeing her was exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately, my friend is also in quite a crisis. Her husband will be out of town for a month – the exact timeframe in which baby #2 is due. Worst of all, its just training, and he’ll be over 3 hours away. In the civilian world, people are up in arms and picketing if their hours go over the normal ‘8-5’. Times like these, being a military wife really makes me cringe. Luckily, my friend has family a little over 2 hours away, and a pretty stellar group of friends that will be on call 24/7 the entire month. What if she were overseas? What if they had JUST arrived to a duty station and didn’t know anyone? I hope and pray that he will be home for the birth of their second daughter, and that the only reason they’ll be calling me is to borrow a cup of sugar. Winking smile 

Talking with my friend put a lot into perspective. Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for the fact that I didn’t run, I viewed it as time spent with my family. Any other night I probably would have done a quick run before dinner. But today I really just wanted to be with the family. So, here I sit, in my pj’s, overhearing Kara giggle in the bath while her Daddy washes her ‘inky inky [stinky stinky] armpits’. Later we’ll watch the Biggest Loser while eating some ice cream, and I will mentally prepare to run tomorrow instead.

Military life is one gamble after another, and nothing is ever guaranteed. I will definitely take an hour spent with my family over a forced, quick run – anyday.

When Life Trumps Running [and I’m ok with it]

4 thoughts on “When Life Trumps Running [and I’m ok with it]

  1. Military life can be nuts. I’m not too sad that my husband is out and we live a boring life with no deployments! Well, I’m a little sad because he wanted to stay in, but couldn’t due to injuries, but that’s another story. 🙂

    Some days it’s just hard to find a run. That’s why I always have a floating rest day (not set for one day of the week) that I can take and not feel guilty.

  2. Just found your blog the other day! I’m a mom to a toddler with #2 on the way this July so I understand completely that sometimes life gets in the way of running. I completely agree with you though, as much as I love to have my time to run, I don’t stress over missing a run because sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and realize that sometimes it is more important to take the time to spend with your friends, family, etc. and be grateful for all the blessings we do have! Thanks to your husband and all the military for their service and for the freedoms we have!

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