Traveling, Goulash, Running and Extra Randomness

This post will be all over the place, mainly because we’re detoxing ourselves of the vacation and my mind is kind of everywhere at the moment. I may or may not be avoiding unpacking as well… going through 3 weeks worth of clothing and *stuff* just does not sound appealing right now!!


Anyway, I was able to run today but I will admit, sheepishly, that I did NOT want to go. It was about 50 out, but the wind was howling and it was starting to rain. I want to get out in the elements more – not because it’s the “new year” and I want to to prove myself to whomever… but because it’s the Pacific Northwest and if I avoid running in this nonsense I’ll never run! Plus I’m terrified of relying on the treadmill so much I injure myself like I did last time.

My displeasure with the run lasted about 2 seconds. Yes, it rained [possibly hailed?] and for a couple of minutes I had to hide out in a bus stop. Yes, I was soaked to the bone and it took me forever to warm back up. Yes, it was incredibly invigorating and refreshing; and as an added bonus I felt a little hardcore when I saw my neighbor gawking at me from her warm car as I made the final turn into the neighborhood. I was also listening to the Manic Mommies podcast, and those are always hilarious, so while the conditions were not ideal, this run was a complete blast!!

I should also confess that I was partly fueled by the fact that I was making Goulash tonight for dinner. The thought of a steaming dish of spiced beef poured over mashed potatoes sent me nearly sprinting home. I’m currently writing this blog post while the aroma of paprika and bay leaf marinated stew assaults my nose… I really wish those potatoes would boil to perfection because I am going to tear into this dish.

So without further ado, I’m going to go enjoy my dinner. I hope your first Monday of 2012 was nice to you. Smile 

What dish do you salivate over??

Anything totally foreign or is it a simple PB&J sandwich that makes your mouth water?

Traveling, Goulash, Running and Extra Randomness

2 thoughts on “Traveling, Goulash, Running and Extra Randomness

  1. Wow, that’s commitment! It was pouring and so windy it knocked our WSU flag down. I’m surprised you were able to stay on your feet. Unpacking is the worst. I can understand why you are dreading it. I hope dinner hit the spot!

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