21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

My 2011 recap may or may not ever happen, but I DO look forward to 2012. We’ll have a new addition to the family, the Husband will be making numerous strides in his career, and I anticipate bouncing back after giving birth and finally running the marathon distance [if not longer].

These are all milestones that will be reached during various parts of the year, I do have something to look forward to during this upcoming week! Yoga Journal has posted that their 21 day challenge that starts January 9th, and I am beyond excited. I did this last year and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. This time around I’ll ‘beware of the belly’ and definitely take measures to keep both baby and I safe.

If you are interested in joining me, you can sign up here. They have beginner and intermediate options, and…

…include[s] a daily video, weekly meditations, and daily newsletters with practice tips and recipes. Plus, all participants can set goals and track their progress, either solo or in teams, to keep motivated

Again, this starts on the 9th, so you have until next Monday to sign up 🙂

21 day Yoga Journal Challenge 2012

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