Pantry Survival Mode


Oh my. As if things weren’t crazy enough around here! Although it doesn’t *look* as though I got things done, I have made huge strides in my morning. Articles were turned in, dishes were put away, I have the majority of my cards addressed, and laundry has been tackled. I even showered. All before naptime. Whew.

But lunch time came around, prompting yet another dilemma. Like any rational thinking individuals, we’re not too keen about leaving anything in the fridge for almost three weeks. Currently, we have fresh green beans, milk, eggs and a random tomato in there, along with a couple of potatoes and pantry items to somehow work into dinners – thankfully we have plans for meatloaf [and aforementioned green beans] tonight. I think the next few nights might be cereal/’brinner’ nights or we’ll have to go out, which we are trying to avoid.

My friends, I have never claimed to be a culinary master – in fact, here’s a list of mishaps that have occurred during my time in the kitchen. I can’t come up with recipes at the drop of a hat, so don’t expect me to whip an avocado into chocolate pudding [or something of that nature]. If I were ever on Chopped, I would be majorly screwed because I panic when I’m out of peanut butter because, “an almond butter and jelly sandwich just CAN’T BE THE SAME, can it!?!!!” You got me?

I was forced to be creative today, and it totally paid off. Personally, I could eat my gluten free cereal again, but the demanding two year old just wasn’t having it. I glanced into the pantry, and thought, “Oh. Canned Salmon. Gluten Free Pagodas. I’LL MAKE SALMON PASTA CASSEROLE!!!!!” – You guys, please try and keep this low key, but I *think* I might be getting the hang of this. This is my poor little ‘casserole’ recipe. I feel guilty even calling it a recipe.

— Make your pasta. Drain the salmon. Throw it all together. Put a dash of rice vinegar in there [be careful with this; too much and you’ll have bitter food, too little and it will be too dry]. Throw some dill weed and lemon zest on top, and mix in some feta cheese. Mix. Chill. Enjoy. —

Serve alongside a baked sweet potato and you will have a happy toddler and a proud mom. Better yet, I finished the last of the feta cheese, so its one less thing to waste when we clean out the fridge tomorrow.

On a running note, I can feel it in my bones that I’m not only running today, but that it will be a great run. Is that weird? Maybe its because the stress is slowly starting to ease up, and I can finally plan a run instead of wishing for it.

Did you ever whipped up a recipe on command made from random ingredients?

Have you come back from vacation to find a debacle in the kitchen, or elsewhere?

Do you ever wonder if you can take the dough bits out of chocolate chip cookie dough out, and bake them?

Pantry Survival Mode

One thought on “Pantry Survival Mode

  1. I love how inventive that recipe is. Just last night I basically made a kitchen-sink quinoa dish, with leftover roasted veggies, some kidney beans, edamame, and cashews I had on hand. I tossed it with some olive oil and vinegar and called it a day.

    You know what? It wasn’t half bad. And way cheaper than takeout!

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