Resolutions of the Running Sort

– I’m writing this blog post to escape reality for a bit. Its Saturday night, and my husband is flipping channels between a political debate and horribly crude/raunchy stand up comedy. Bleh.

– Also, he is paying way more attention to the dogs than to me which really ticks me off because they don’t fold his laundry or make him dinner. To pour salt on the wound, I’m the one vacuuming up their hair on a daily basis. *pout*[he would like me to add that he did the dishes tonight. points for him.]

– I might be a little lot cranky because I didn’t run this morning [my own dang fault] and I had some questionable Chinese food earlier that is messing with me hardcore.

So, I’m taking a page [or six] from Runner’s World, and giving my personal take on their 12 Running Resolutions. Find it online, here. Granted, I’ll be out of commission from ‘racing’ for a few months, but I believe some of these can still apply to me.

1) Race Farther. Definitely want to do this next year. I would like to run my ever elusive marathon by the end of the year. As I’ve said numerous times before, I would eventually love to run ultras. I believe that this will happen in due time; maybe once the kids are a little older and I have more time. We’ll see.

2) Try Yoga. While I already do yoga, I wouldn’t mind actually getting into a studio and practicing more often.

3) Lose 10 Pounds For Good. This applies to me somewhat. I’ll have pregnancy weight to get rid of, and I wouldn’t mind getting below my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I’m 5’6 – But do I want to get to 120? I honestly don’t know. 130 is the lowest I’ve ever weighed [other than weighing 124 due to morning sickness, but I don’t count that] and I don’t know how my body will perform at this weight. If 120 is in the cards – I want it to be a healthy 120.

4) Be More Consistent.  Um, yeah. I can use all the help I can get. Maybe I can aim at getting a group together for speed work or a hill workout during the week. Our run group typically does this during their training season; but I want to keep doing this even in the off season.

5) Try A Triathlon. Not. ever. happening. Sorry Maggs, please don’t hate me. The closest I’ll ever get to a triathlon is watching Ironmans on TV/web. Why? They scare the crap out of me in the most nonsensical ways ever. I can swim, no problem. Swimming in a HUGE crowd gives me anxiety, and don’t even get me started on the peeing in the water thing. The bike? I can’t cycle for the life of me. Sure, I’ll go to spin and leave puddles of sweat on the floor; but taking a turn in a group of others on a bike and the thought of possibly kissing pavement gives me goosebumps.

6) Win A Medal. I never even entertained this idea, I’ll be honest. I have always been a middle of the pack runner, and I didn’t start clocking decent speed work until I [barely] dabbled in it before I got pregnant. Granted, this speed work was decent for ME, but nowhere near decent enough to win medals. I personally think nabbing a podium spot in my age group would be impossible… but crazier things have happened.

7) Try Real Trail Running. I love trail running, this is no secret. To get ‘lost’ in the switchbacks amongst the leaves and creeks just fills me with so much peace. *sigh* I won’t do my normal trail running while pregnant, but I already can’t wait to get back out there.

8) Stop Giving Up. For real, I am my own worst enemy. Take my [lack of] winter running for example.

9) Figure Out My Watch. I flippin, flippin, flippin LOVE my watch. Sure, it might be bigger than my wrist and older than Justin Bieber, but I know my old fail safe Garmin 205 inside and out. Admittedly, I don’t use the extra functions enough, but I am familiar with them.

10) Give Back to the Sport. Whoops. Now I feel guilty and like a bad runner. I’ve never once volunteered at a race. I hope to change this in 2012. Maybe I’ll volunteer at a triathlon and just come full circle with all this.

11) Find More Partners. I have the running buddies, but as I stated above, I just need to get out there with them. There’s also an all womens’ running group that meets during the week, maybe I should join them as well!!

12) Beat My PR. Yes. Absolutely I plan on breaking every PR I currently have. My mile is 8:18. My 5k is 28:46. I don’t really know my 10k PR [I don’t count the only one I had, the conditions were dang near life threatening], with my half marathon PR being 2:05:53. Mark my words, I will have new PRs in 2012. I would like my half time to be under 2 hours, to improve my 5k time by 2 minutes, to not have a 10k haunt me, and of course, run my marathon. The only PR ‘up in the air’ is the mile time, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 7:xx.

So there you have it. We’ll see where 2012 takes me!!

Do you make resolutions at all? What are some for 2012?

Do you watch stand up comedy?

If you read on Twitter that I want Chinese food, will you talk me out of it???

Resolutions of the Running Sort